OH raises its profile in the police force

first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. The Government’s strategy for occupational health in the police force isresulting in a higher profile and more money for OH, but more could still bedone to help officers understand what the profession has to offer. According to senior OH professionals in forces around the country, thelaunch of a Home Office strategy for OH in 2002, and the pledging of £15m, hasled to an expansion of the service and more OH practitioners on the ground. Cultural barriers, particularly around seeking help for psychologicalinjuries, are being broken down and there is a greater recognition of what OHcan do. Initiatives include Merseyside police taking on three extra OH advisers,Greater Manchester police introducing a mobile OH service, and South Yorkshirepolice developing proactive strategies for dealing with back injuries. “It is fantastic that, for the first time, OH has been given this higha priority by the Home Office. But a lot of people still do not know who we areand what we do and don’t do,” said Sharon Samworth, principal OH managerat South Yorkshire police. OH raises its profile in the police forceOn 1 Feb 2004 in Police, Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Factors that influence freezing in the sub-Antarctic springtail Tullbergia antarctica

first_imgEffects of 12 biotic and abiotic factors on the freezing point of the sub-Antarctic springtail, Tullbergia antarctica, were investigated. Repeated cooling of individual springtails five times resulted in very similar freezing points suggesting that ice nucleation in this freeze-susceptible species is likely to be initiated by intrinsic factors rather than being a stochastic event. Mean supercooling point (SCP) was influenced by cooling protocol, showing a linear increase in mean SCP with cooling rates from 8 to 0.1 °C min−1. However, the opposite effect (decreasing SCP) was seen with slower cooling. Slower rates may be ecologically realistic and allow time for appropriate physiological and biochemical changes. Feeding and food presence in the gut had no effect on SCP, and there was no correlation between the ice nucleating activity of bacteria isolated from the guts and the whole springtail SCP. Habitat altitude and diurnal light and temperature regimes also had no effect on SCP. There was no correlation between the cryoprotectant concentration of fresh animals and their SCP, but experimental desiccation resulted in increased osmolality and decreased SCP, although with considerable individual variation. The most significant influence on SCP was associated with ecdysis. As springtails cease feeding for a period either side of ecdysis, shedding the entire gut lining, moulting may be an efficient mechanism of clearing the gut of all ice nucleating material. This previously unrecognised relationship between ecdysis, cold tolerance and seasonal survival tactics may play an important role in over-winter survival of some arthropods.last_img read more

Sedimentary processes on the continental slope off Kvitøya and Albertini troughs north of Nordaustlandet, Svalbard – The importance of structural-geological setting in trough-mouth fan development

first_imgNew marine-geophysical data were analyzed to investigate the sedimentary processes operating on the continental slope north of Nordaustlandet, Svalbard. Kvitøya Trough terminates in a trough-mouth fan (TMF) on the slope, whereas Albertini Trough incises the shelf edge and a TMF is notably absent. Instead, the continental slope beyond Albertini Trough is dominated by thick, acoustically stratified units likely formed by down-slope and along-slope sedimentological processes combined. The morphological and sedimentological differences between Albertini and Kvitøya troughs may partly be due to the larger dimensions of Kvitøya Trough and its associated glacial catchment area relative to Albertini, suggesting that the transport of a larger volume of glacigenic sediments potentially was a contributing factor in building Kvitøya TMF. By contrast, the downfaulted bedrock below outer Albertini Trough provided larger accommodation space for glacigenic sediments which accumulated in an outer-shelf basin, highlighting the importance of the structural-geological setting in TMF development. Debris-flow deposits and/or channel-levee deposits on the lower continental slope and rise off Kvitøya Trough indicate bypassing of glacigenic sediments from the shelf to the deep ocean, a process that is likely a result of locally steep slope gradients (< 9°). The volume of the Kvitøya TMF is smaller than TMFs along the western Svalbard margin, which may be linked to the more erosion-resistant bedrock of the northern margin and/or the comparatively small drainage basin of Kvitøya Trough compared to drainage basins of ice streams that drained westwards from Barents Sea. In addition, the Kvitøya TMF is incised by gullies indicating that they formed after Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) while larger tributary canyons flanking the Kvitøya TMF likely have developed during a longer time span. High seafloor backscatter values in the tributary canyons and gullies are interpreted as coarse-grained deposits that lead down-slope to debris-flow deposits, suggesting an origin for the tributary canyons and gullies through incision by gravity flows of sediment-laden meltwater during and/or after deglaciation.last_img read more

NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace responds to those who doubted noose incident

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailChris Graythen/Getty ImagesBy KELLY MCCARTHY, ABC News(NEW YORK) — NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said he is “absolutely” reinvigorated to help advocate for social change and educate others after a noose was found in his team’s garage over the weekend.Wallace joined The View Tuesday and explained his current perspective about what comes next after NASCAR’s massive show of support at Monday’s race as the FBI joined the investigation into Sunday’s incident at Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, Alabama.“Systemic racism is a problem from every aspect of life. We have to work so hard to get that to change and we know it’s not going to change overnight,” he said. “This isn’t going to stop me from changing. This isn’t going to be something that just boils over, blows over and just sweep it under the rug and forget about. It’s a part of me.”Wallace, who is NASCAR’s only full-time Black driver, has been a leading voice in the sport amid calls for justice following the death of George Floyd and ran a Black Lives Matter paint scheme on his own #43 Chevrolet for Richard Petty Motorsports at the Martinsville race two weeks ago.“I said a couple weeks ago, that something changed inside me to be an activist. My mother said, ‘Did you ever believe you would be an activist?’ I said ‘No, not really.’ But I just felt in my heart that I needed to step up and be a leader in the forefront,” Wallace explained. Written by June 23, 2020 /Sports News – National NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace responds to those who doubted noose incident Beau Lund Together pic.twitter.com/D4zW3jA5y5— Bubba Wallace (@BubbaWallace) June 22, 2020He continued, “I’m the only Black driver in NASCAR, it’s easier for me to talk about these matters because I go through some racism throughout my life. I don’t have it as hard as other people, but I still go through it so I can be a witness and be a part of it and speak on the matters and educate others.”“That’s the biggest thing is that we as a sport put our messaging out there is educating people, listening and learning, helping people understand what other people are going through. We are very often too quick to listen and don’t give enough time to hear each other out,” Wallace explained. “Throughout all of this it will solidify where I stand and stand proud.”Just over two weeks before this incident Wallace helped push NASCAR to officially ban the Confederate flag at all of its events, tracks and facilities.“My dad had told me — after the Confederate flag deal — he said, ‘I’m proud of you, but I’m worried about your safety so you have to be careful.’ So this just shows how much I have to watch my back.On Sunday after he called both of his parents, Wallace said his father reiterated his earlier point to “keep your head on a swivel.”“Obviously I was hurt, I was sad that people would go to those measures. I wouldn’t say I’m shocked because we see the stuff that goes on in the world. But it’s just unfortunate that it happened to me and my crew was able to see it and witness that and it kind of took our mind off racing for a little bit. I guess it was kind of OK that we were put on a rain delay to go on and let us refocus for Monday.” Proud of you, @BubbaWallace. Keep on smiling!! pic.twitter.com/myTT2yOwUz— Richard Petty Motorsports (@RPMotorsports) June 23, 2020Although Wallace did not win Monday’s race due to a late stop for fuel, he finished14th and ended the day with fans, teammates and opponents celebrating him.He apologized for not wearing a mandatory face mask but told reporters in a post-race interview that he didn’t wear it because “I wanted to show whoever it was: You are not going to take away my smile.”“This sport is changing,” he said. “The pre-race deal was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to witness in my life. From all the supporters, from drivers to crew members, everybody here, the badass fan base, thank you guys for coming out. This is truly incredible, and I’m glad to be a part of this sport.”Other drivers have continued to show their support for Wallace both on and off the track.Ryan Blaney, who found his way to victory lane after a photo finish with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. said that Wallace has been one of his best friends for 15 years, and hailed the special moment before the race.“It showed how you’re not gonna scare [Wallace]. You’re not gonna scare him,” Blaney told Scott Van Pelt in an interview on ESPN. “He’s really strong. He’s gonna rise above it and fight this.“So we just wanted to show our support. I wanted to show my support for my best friend. He’s just been someone I’ve really, really loved for a long time, and I’m gonna support him 100 percent along the way for many years to come. I hope a lot of people will look at that and learn from everyone coming together and supporting each other. That’s what it’s gonna take to make things better.” Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved. The scene yesterday at @TalladegaSuperS, perfectly captured by @NASCARONFOX’s @mikejoy500. pic.twitter.com/i3AbRxBCiU— NASCAR (@NASCAR) June 23, 2020When the race resumed Monday, Wallace was met with a huge show of support from all 39 other drivers and their crews in a march down pit road to push his car to the front of the field on track at Talladega.“Every time I watch that video I get you know emotional and get chills just to see love, compassion and understanding, those were the three words that were written on my Black Lives Matter car — and to see everybody come together and show their support you know we are all competitors and we all basically don’t like each other when the race starts we just want to go out and beat each other. That’s just what competitors do. But we always show the utmost respect off the racetrack — and I’m proud to be a part of the NASCAR family.”“These times kind of bring back that positive light of love and passion and solidarity and unity to unite together and show that love is way stronger than hate,” he added.As NASCAR president Steve Phelps and federal authorities investigate the discovery by Wallace’s race team, Wallace responded to the notion that some people have doubted the validity of the incident.“It offends me that people would go to those measures, but again I’m not shocked. People are entitled to their own opinion to make them feel good, whatever helps them sleep at night, but it is still an ongoing investigation with the FBI,” he said.“But it’s simple-minded people like that, the ones afraid of change, they use everything in their power to defend what they stand up for instead of trying to listen and understand what’s going on,” Wallace said. “We’re still trying to figure out whoever did this crazy act, trying to pinpoint it on somebody and just go through it all. I think it was better for me not to see it directly. I don’t know how I would have reacted. It’s in the FBI’s hands to go through everything and try and figure it out.”Wallace confirmed he has “talked to the FBI” something he said he “never thought would happen.”last_img read more

California’s Department of General Services names Direct Energy Business new natural gas provider for facilities across the state

first_imgDirect Energy Business will provide natural gas management and related services for the next three years starting in July 2020 The headquarters of the California Department of General Services. (Credit: Coolcaesar at en.wikipedia) Direct Energy Business announced a contract with the State of California’s Department of General Services (DGS) to provide 30 billion cubic feet of natural gas to more than 180 government institutions annually. Direct Energy Business was awarded the DGS 2020 Full Requirements North and South Contracts, which includes facilities throughout the state. Direct Energy Business will provide natural gas management and related services for the next three years starting in July 2020.“We look forward to using our expertise to help Californian government facilities manage their natural gas usage,” said John Schultz, President, Centrica North America and Direct Energy Business. “As one of the largest natural gas suppliers in the US, our team is well equipped to provide services to this wide group of facilities.”This contract was awarded to Direct Energy Business after an extensive RFP process by the Department of General Services.Direct Energy Business offers a suite of natural gas, electricity and renewable solutions for both small and large businesses to help increase efficiencies and give customers more control over their energy usage.“We are committed to serving our customers and delivering a cohesive energy management program that allows for more control over their energy usage,” said Ross Balassone, Account Executive, Direct Energy Business. Balassone specializes in government customers and will be the Department of General Services’ primary contact.“We are so pleased to be working with the Department of General Services on this landmark contract, both for our California business and the state,” said Hambir Chavan, California Sales Director for Direct Energy Business. Source: Company Press Releaselast_img read more

Konnichiwa! Japanese modular giant buys £55m stake in UK house builder

first_imgEstate agents could soon be selling modular homes built by a Japanese company following a £90 million house-building partnership with Manchester developer Urban Splash.Called Sekisui House, the company is a household name in Japan and pre-fabricates its homes in factories before shipping them out to sites to be assembled. It also has operations in the US, Australia, China and Singapore and has so far built two million homes around the world.It has signed a partnership with Urban Splash that will see ‘thousands’ of modular homes erected across the UK and also help the Castlefield-based developer expand into a nationwide homes builder.The Japanese company has taken a £55 million stake in Urban Splash and now owns 35% of the company while government agency Homes England has chipped in £30 million of equity and debt funding. WeBuyAnyCar.com founder Noel McKee has taken a 5% stake in the company.“Using modern methods of construction to build high quality homes with short build times is one of our company’s great strengths,” says Yoshihiro Nakai, President of Sekisui House (left).“Our technology and know-how can help resolve pressing social issues in the UK, and I want to see us play our part effective immediately.”Sir Edward Lister, chairman of Homes England, says: “ “When Homes England launched last year we said we’d disrupt the housing market to increase the pace of construction. By helping bring one of the world’s largest and most innovative house builders to UK shores, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.”Urban Splash says it hopes the deal will make it the “housing partner of choice for both public and private landowners”.Homes England Noel McKee modern methods of auction modular homes Sir Edward Lister urban splash WeBuyAnyCar.com May 15, 2019Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles Letting agent fined £11,500 over unlicenced rent-to-rent HMO3rd May 2021 BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Home » News » Land & New Homes » Konnichiwa! Japanese modular giant buys £55m stake in UK house builder previous nextLand & New HomesKonnichiwa! Japanese modular giant buys £55m stake in UK house builderInvestment is part of £90m deal between Homes England, Urban Splash and Sekisui House that will see ‘thousands’ of modular homes built across the UK soon.Nigel Lewis15th May 201901,822 Viewslast_img read more

Councilman Dr. Adams Retorts To Jack Schrieber’s Missing-The-Boat Rant Posted In The CCO

first_imgDr. Dan Adams REAL TIME TRANSPARENCYBy H. Dan Adams, MD-Evansville City Councilman At-LargeThis coming Monday, the Evansville City Council will vote on the transfer of ~$ 8 million from the Rainy Day and Riverboat funds. These transferred funds will be used by the Administration to pay the City’s regular/routine bills.Normally, the Rainy Day Funds are used for emergencies; the Riverboat Account is set aside for capital projects. Local Option Income Taxes and Property Taxes are used to fund City Operations. According to the Administration, a cash shortfall has occurred because the funds (LIT & property taxes) allotted for city operations have already been spent.We all have been promised that when the second installment of property tax monies arrives later this Fall, the cash from the loans will be repaid. By State Statute, the loan must be repaid and returned to the Rainy Day and Riverboat funds by 12/31/15.Previous transfers have been hidden from public view. It was never the intent of the City Council to interfere with the normal financial flow of the City’s capacity to conduct business. It was, however, our goal to inject a degree of transparency into the City’s financial management that allows you, the taxpayer, to understand how, when and where your money is being spent. We must make absolutely certain that Rainy Day and Riverboat Funds will not become a permanent source for City operations and that the police and fire pension funds are never invaded.Since said transfers have become an apparent recurring issue as opposed to an emergency, I make the following recommendations going forward. The Administration’s bi-annual fund transfer request should go through the Finance Committee. Additionally, the transfer requests should be given to the City Council at least three weeks prior to the move over date of the monies.This ordinance is the first step in providing you, the taxpayer, with full transparency regarding the Administration’s management of the City’s finances. Let me be clear! I support loaning the Rainy Day and Riverboat funds for operational purposes now. I fully expect the repayment of these loans when the Fall property tax installment is received. However, this transaction must remain transparent.H. Dan Adams, MD MBA President of the Evansville City CouncilPlease take time and vote in today’s “Readers Poll”. Don’t miss reading today’s Feature articles because they are always an interesting read. Please scroll at the bottom of our paper so you can enjoy our creative political cartoons. Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without our permissionFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

“The Young Ones” nominated for BAFTA

first_img“The Young Ones,” a BBC series filmed with Harvard Professor of Psychology Ellen Langer, which replicates her Counterclockwise study using British celebrities, has been nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award. The BAFTAs are the British equivalent of the Emmy Awards. The awards ceremony will be held May 22.For more on the nominees, visit http://www.bafta.org/awards/television/winners-nominees-2011,1766,BA.html.last_img

University and College respond to executive order; Jenkins urges Trump to rescind

first_imgThe presidents of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College both responded over the weekend to an executive order Donald Trump signed Friday, banning the entry into the U.S. of nationals of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya for 90 days.University President Fr. John Jenkins responded to the executive order in a statement Sunday morning, calling it “sweeping, indiscriminate and abrupt.”“If [the order] stands, it will over time diminish the scope and strength of the educational and research efforts of American universities … and, above all, it will demean our nation, whose true greatness has been its guiding ideals of fairness, welcome to immigrants, compassion for refugees, respect for religious faith and the courageous refusal to compromise its principles in the face of threats,” Jenkins said in the statement.“We respectfully urge the president to rescind this order.”On Sunday, Saint Mary’s College President Jan Cervelli sent an email to the Saint Mary’s community vocalizing the College’s support to all members of the community.“President Trump’s recent executive order banning citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States threatens the core values that make our nation a beacon of hope and freedom for people around the world,” Cervelli said in the email. “At Saint Mary’s, and at colleges and universities across America, the contributions of international students and faculty have been immeasurable. Many endure great hardship or personal sacrifice for the opportunity to build a better life and develop their talents here. Saint Mary’s has only benefited from these valued members of our campus community, and the College will continue to support them in their work.”According to Cervelli, the executive order violates principles that the College aims to uphold.“To issue a sweeping denial to refugees fleeing war and oppression, on the basis of religion or national origin, goes against the founding ideals that so many have fought and died to preserve,” she said. “Catholic teaching also calls on us to respect the dignity of all people and to welcome the stranger. Saint Mary’s will continue to strive to heed that call.“Immigration strengthens our campuses, our communities, and our country. We must never let unfounded fear and prejudice weaken our compassion and our commitment to fulfilling the hope that America represents to the world,” she said.Notre Dame has advised students from the countries listed in the executive order not to leave the United States, according to a message sent by vice president for internationalization Michael Pippenger that was released to the media Saturday night.“Throughout the weekend, a few clarifications have been made by U.S. government officials, but there remains uncertainty about whether nationals from these countries will be admitted into the United States for the next 90 days, even those holding green cards or those who hold dual citizenship,” Pippenger said in the message to international students.“We are closely monitoring developments relating to the full impact of this order. Until further notice, we advise any individuals from any of the seven named countries to suspend all planned travel outside the United States,” Pippenger said in the message.Vice president for public affairs and communication Paul Browne said in a statement that roughly 30 Notre Dame students are affected by the executive order. Tags: Donald Trump, executive order, Syrialast_img read more

Saint Mary’s College students attend national theater festival

first_imgFor the seven Saint Mary’s students who attended the week-long Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF), there’s no business like show business.The festival, which ran from Jan. 8 to 14, aims to celebrate college drama programs and give students special opportunities. Though KCACTF festivals happen across the country, the Saint Mary’s students attended the festival that took place at the University of Indianapolis and Marian University in Indianapolis.“The festival offers a variety of workshops for multiple fields in theater, shows from participating colleges, as well as competitions which can provide scholarships and performance opportunities,” junior Stephanie Johnson said in an email. “I attended the festival because it gives me the opportunity to strengthen my skills and meet new people who are also interested in my field.”Johnson said her continued participation in the festival has contributed to her learning and growth as an artist. She also said her Saint Mary’s education has played a key role in her theater experience.“I feel my Saint Mary’s education impacts me in everything I do, from how I interact with others to how I perform as an artist,” Johnson said. “Specifically, I feel my education pushed me to pursue opportunities such as these.”Sophomore Sandy Tarnowski said in an email the College has given her the courage to get involved in the theater program and ultimately attend the festival.“Saint Mary’s gave me the confidence to go to something like this,” she said. “I’m usually very shy, and I’ve definitely grown away from my shyness at Saint Mary’s. The theater classes and shows here have helped me improve for the next year’s American College Theater Festival and helped me feel confident enough to be part of it. I had more courage to talk to strangers and proudly explain why I liked going to an all-women’s college.”Tarnowski auditioned for the Musical Theater Intensive, a performance that took place near the close of the conference. Though she did not make it past auditions, the personalized experience the judges offered encouraged her to continue developing her skills.“One of the judges stopped me as I was leaving because she remembered me from last year and told me she was so proud of how much I’ve improved from last year,” she said. “That felt great and has motivated me to work even harder for next year’s ACTF.”Tarnowski said these interactions with the judges are the basis of her improvement and are one of the biggest benefits of attending the festival.“I’ve improved in ways I didn’t know I could,” she said. “What I think is awesome is that the judges of the auditions take the time to talk to every single person that didn’t make it and tell each person what they personally can improve upon and what they did great on. It gets you excited to show them next year how you’ve improved with their advice.”Citing the encouragement she received at the festival, Tarnowski said students should attend ACTF even if theater is not something they typically enjoy.“Everyone should go,” she added. “Even if you think theater is not your ‘thing,’ you never know. This festival exposes all the different areas of theater you may not know about. You may end up discovering more of yourself at ACTF.”Tags: drama, Kennedy Center, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Theaterlast_img read more