7 Things You Should Never Apologize For.

first_img Share 56 Views   no discussions Share LifestyleRelationships 7 Things You Should Never Apologize For. by: – July 22, 2011 By Laura Yarborough, BounceBackEditorial StaffIn relationships, we often question who we are, especially when faced with arguments and breakupsthat can often bring out the worst in people. Someone may have told you that you’re not a good person or that you have flaws in your personality, interests, or behaviors. But remember this: who is the person that knows you better than anyone else? Simple – it’s you. We were all made different and unique for a reason, so stop apologizing for yourself and embrace who you are.If you’re feeling down about just being yourself, here are 7 things you should acknowledge about yourself and commit to never apologizing for them: 1. Being truthful. Many people like to hear only positive things about themselves and their relationships, even if it means lying. Why accept the lies when nothing good comes out of it? Yes, the truth hurts, but being an honest person is what makes you the very best that you are. It shows the other person that you care enough about this relationship, whether it’s a friend or love interest, and that’s really what matters. So, stop sugarcoating everything just to make someone else happy. The reality is that they will be much happier knowing the truth, rather than living a lie.2. Having a good time. If you love to travel and you are always on the go, there’s nothing wrong with you. If you find yourself loving to dance to music as soon as you hear one of your favorite songs playing on the radio, then enjoy. Who does it hurt? No one. So if anybody makes you feel like the things that you enjoy are not worth it, then take a step back and realize that perhaps they’re not worth it.3. Being successful. We all want to strive for success in some way, so why feel bad about it when you do? It doesn’t mean that you are better than someone else, because everyone has their time to truly shine. Instead, be thankful that you are able to accomplish goals that you’ve set for yourself and hopefully that will help to encourage someone else to do better. If anyone feels that they are not happy for your success and tries to constantly break you down, then these are not people you should be around. Why not be happy? It’s a positive thing, so you shouldn’t stop succeeding to appease someone. Keep striving for excellence!4. Your Friends. The good thing about friends is that they all are different. So they all bring something different to the table, which makes for great conversation. Could you imagine if your friends were all alike? There wouldn’t be different opinions, everybody would agree on everything and everyone would be right. Overall, your relationship with your friends would be extremely dull. How much fun would that be? A real friend will tell you just how it is, no matter how it comes out, so you know they have you in their best interest. So why apologize for having a friendship? There is simply nothing like a good friend.5. The many things you like. So you like going shopping, you love clothes, you like to go out often and spend time with your friends, or maybe you just like keeping to yourself. What’s wrong with any of that? Life is all about enjoying the things you like as long as it’s not harmful to yourself or anyone else. So, don’t feel bad about not liking the same things that everyone else likes. It’s okay! We were made to have likes and dislikes, that’s what makes us unique and truly ourselves.6. Saying no. We often feel like we have to please everyone and simply saying “no” can be hard to do. It’s okay not to allow people to step all over you and to stand your ground at times. If you think saying “yes” is better, but actually feel like saying “no”, then do it. Always be true to yourself. There’s no need to apologize for feeling the way that you feel. Let’s be honest, there’s just certain times where you feel like saying “no.”7. Putting You First. After leaving a relationship where you sacrificed and compromised, the most rewarding thing to do is to prioritize what’s important to you. If you were in a meaningless relationship that was a dead end, you may have given so much of yourself that you can’t even recognize yourself anymore. So, allow yourself some time to concentrate on you. It’s not like you’re being selfish; you are just starting to realize what’s best for you. So don’t apologize for wanting the very best for yourself, because you do matter.center_img Sharing is caring! Tweet Sharelast_img read more

Golf clubs urged to become dementia friendly

first_img13 Feb 2019 Golf clubs urged to become dementia friendly Golf clubs are being urged to become dementia friendly to help the 850,000 people living with the condition in the UK.The call came from England Golf Chief Executive Nick Pink, speaking at the launch of the first dementia-friendly sport and physical activity guide by the Alzheimer’s Society.England Golf was one of the sports organisations which contributed to the guide and Nick Pink (pictured) commented: “We would encourage any golf club or facility to get involved as a dementia friend and use the support guide to help them, their golfers and the local community.“Dementia is something that affects every household and golf can help, both by reducing the risk of dementia and supporting people with the condition. There is strong, good practice in many golf clubs in England and we want to shine the light on this and, where possible, encourage it to be shared and replicated.”England Golf Disability Manager Jamie Blair added: “We are receiving an increasing number of questions from clubs and golfers about helping people diagnosed with dementia to continue to play.“So, we were very pleased to work with the Alzheimer’s Society and contribute to the development of the guide.“Clubs across the country are already running successful projects to help people with dementia and, now we have this guide, we look forward to their numbers growing rapidly.”The guide was produced with National Lottery funding from Sport England and is designed to help the sport and physical activity sector to support – and empower – people who are living with dementia to lead active lives and remain independent for as long as possible.It also provides tools and guidance to help more people affected by dementia enjoy the benefits of staying active in a caring and understanding environment.With 225,000 people developing dementia each year – that’s one person every three minutes – being dementia friendly will help organisations retain and build on existing custom, both from people living with the condition and from carers, families and friends.Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive Officer at Alzheimer’s Society, added: “It’s really encouraging to know that England Golf are on the side of people with dementia.“Dementia can devastate lives and it is vital that people with dementia are enabled and empowered to live the life they want in their community.“Visiting a golf club and driving range can be daunting for people with dementia, loved ones and friends – but with support and adjustments from the golfing community, they will remain active.“We need the golfing sector to unite against dementia by committing to actions outlined in the guide and make employees Dementia Friends, so no one has to face dementia alone.”• To find out more about the guide and how to get involved, please visit: alzheimers.org.uk/sport Tags: Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia, inclusivelast_img read more