Cheltenham Super 8 Strategy

first_imgStrategy for the new Star Sports Cheltenham Super 8 challenge >Supercheltenham8competitionisquitefantasic…… OK, so it doesn’t quite rhyme with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious but then what the hell does?You’ve got to love a free to enter competition, especially one with great prizes on offer including a box at Cheltenham for the day and a VIP trip to Royal Ascot.In short – you simply HAVE to enter the Star Sports Cheltenham Super 8 competition – as unlike the UK’s credit rating there is NO DOWNSIDE.It really is a triple AAA rated competition and over the coming days we’ll be bringing you some tips on best strategy.With these competitions the devil is in the detail so by checking the small print in the terms and conditions you really will get a strategic edgeCLICK HERE TO READ THE T’s & C’s (Don’t worry there’s only nine !)Of course most of the time, we just click to ‘accept’ them – how many people REALLY scroll through the small print?But with the Cheltenham Super 8 – the terms and conditions will help you decide the strategy. Remember – you are trying to beat your fellow players – rather than make masses of profit punting at Cheltenham – the two are not mutually exclusive.Cheltenham Super 8 challenges you to pick the winners of eight races, and the winners will be the ones who do best at SP. So, the likelihood is that favourites are probably not going to do it for you.You’ll need that one winner that makes your line stand out from the crowd.The competition boffins have selected eight of the more competitive races, for which the runners are already pretty certain.However, you are only allowed one entry – so make it carefully – your first entry counts and non runners get you no where.Finally, point 4 on the T’s & C’s is the most pertinent – have a bet with Star Sports. You are awarded 10 bonus points for having a bet on each day of the Festival – so that’s the equivalent of a 10/1 winner up your sleeve before the points are even tallied up after the final race of the Festival on Friday.We’ll swap some more advice over the coming days but in the meantime check the comp out….  and let your friends know. If you can’t win then surely the next best thing is a friend winning? You might even get an invite to THEIR Cheltenham box!last_img read more