Orange striping

first_img When the Belmont Learning Center got a name change by Roy Romer, he cleverly disguised this campus in order to open it as a safe school. If the school board goes along with his plans, the sheep that they are, they will be exposing young people to toxic and explosive gases that can and likely will kill some of them. At his age, Roy will not be around to see the suffering and death he promoted with this plan, but the people of Los Angeles will long pay for it and feel the pain from the loss of these kids. Please don’t try to convince me that Los Angeles Unified School District will maintain the environmental systems to prevent danger to the students and faculty. They can’t even maintain the paint on the buildings. – Michael C. Hines West Hills At our expense Re: “Mayor to double city housing fund, back bond issue” (Oct. 27): Mayor Villaraigosa will be proposing a $1 billion bond for “affordable housing.” Fortunately (I hope), such a bond will have to be voted on by the public. What is really questionable about it is why is it supposed to enhance affordability. True, a relatively small, select group would get lower-rent apartments. But that would be achieved at the expense of homeowners and other property owners. Except for the majority of Los Angeles apartments, the bond debt service (over $45 million annually) would be passed on to all commercial property customers and homeowners. Since negligible, if any, property taxes would be paid by the owners of the subsidized buildings occupied by the select group, that void would have to be covered by the rest of the taxpayers. – Victor N. Viereck Valley Village Should have donated Re: “Sheriff’s casino use questioned” (Nov. 8): I just had to respond about Sheriff Lee Baca renewing the concealed weapons permits for the three casino executives. They don’t have professional security at the casino? I find it odd that only three executives need to protect only themselves from “ongoing threats.” Funny, I dedicated 15 years to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy sheriff and am still waiting for my retirement identification and weapons endorsement. I guess I should have donated money to Leroy’s campaign. I was subjected to “ongoing” threats for years because of my profession. Why am I being denied something that I have definitely earned, sheriff? – Basil Perkowski Quartz Hill Medicare madness Re: “Seniors weigh options” (Nov. 15): Pardon me for being too simplistic, but couldn’t the Medicare prescription drug plan have been something like this (for the same cost): The government would pay 40 percent of prescription costs up to $4,000; 60 percent up to $6,000; 80 percent up to $8,000; and 100 percent thereafter? But here’s why not. With a simple plan, 2,000 insurance companies wouldn’t need to set up convoluted programs which they would then get hefty fees to administer. Now I understand. – Marty Estrin Verdugo City Lockyer responds Your paper’s reporting and editorializing on the state’s lawsuit against energy giant Sempra regurgitated falsehoods whispered in its ear by Sempra, specifically that I threatened state litigation against Sempra to benefit lawyers in a wholly unrelated private class-action lawsuit. If that had been my goal, I would have caved in and accepted a settlement … Sempra, not I, demanded a “global” settlement that would resolve both the state’s claims and the private action. But the terms they demanded fell far short of providing justice for my clients, the people of California. I sued Sempra for one reason: It became necessary to hold Sempra accountable for the theft it committed. As to the timing, the governor and I decided delay was unwise and decisive action was required. I never have – and never will – decide to settle or litigate any case because it serves the interests of corporations or lawyers. In this case, and all others, I will make decisions based on what best serves the interests of consumers and taxpayers. – Bill Lockyer California attorney general Debtor nation Re: “Imitate Taiwan, Bush tells China” (Nov. 16): Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. President Bush is telling China how to run their country. This, while this country is in debt to China for billions of dollars. To make matters more interesting, we are in debt to them largely because of the war whose purpose was contrived by him and his cronies. – Irving Leemon Northridge Design flaw? Re: “Shoe designer kicks up controversy” (Nov. 17): When I first read about these “special” shoes she is giving to enable people to cross the border into this country, my reaction was anger. After giving it some thought, I realized that, just maybe, she would be giving the Border Patrol a way to identify the illegals. So, maybe it isn’t a bad idea after all. – Ardyne Blackstone Burbank Duffy responds Re: “Payback time,” (Editorials, Nov. 16): I regret having said anything that implied a link between United Teachers Los Angeles’ support for the school bond initiative and a salary increase for teachers. I was wrong. UTLA members worked hard for Measure Y because our students need more schools – schools that are in their neighborhoods and that allow them to attend school on a traditional calendar. But UTLA members also believe it will take more than new buildings to turn around the L.A. Unified School District. To attract and retain teachers, the LAUSD needs to pay teachers competitive salaries. While the district is only obliged to negotiate on pay and benefits during this round of contract talks, UTLA has also proposed lowering class sizes, reducing the number of nonmandatory testing and assessments, and cutting the district’s bloated bureaucracy. All our contract proposals are motivated by a sincere desire to improve LAUSD schools. – A.J. Duffy President United Teachers Los Angeles Not union members In the union of which I am a member, there are no managers or administrators who are members. I can only assume that the same is true of the teachers’, firemen’s and policemen’s unions. What is also true of the members of my union is that none of the members has anything to say about how the administrators spend any of the money. I assume that none of the teachers, firemen or policemen have a say about how their administrators spend the money for those services. Why does everybody blame union members, none of whom are administrators or managers, for the way money for those services is spent? Why aren’t people angry at the administrators and managers? Union members are just normal people trying to make a living on salaries paid by those administrators and managers. – Michael Smith Tarzana Problem solved The ads were right. The election was unnecessary. The state of California need only enroll in one of those credit counseling programs. – Robert R. Wills Woodland Hills160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE Here’s a better idea: Why not paint those motorists who routinely run red lights, disobey traffic signs and drive while talking on their cell phones bright orange? And take away their cars. For all the driving Southern Californians do, you’d think they’d be better at it. – Kevin Burton Smith Palmdale Belmont Re: “School for 2,600 may top $300 million” (Nov. 16): Re: “Strobe lights tested on Orange Line buses in new safety attempt” (Nov. 18): In the event that a decision is made to repaint the new silver buses, you might want to try stripes. Wide vertical stripes in a dark contrasting color (orange or black) would grab the attention fast and save on half the paint. – Gary Mond Valley Glenn Better idea Re: “Strobe lights tested on Orange Line buses in new safety attempt” (Nov. 18): last_img read more