Park your prejudice – it’s just the ticket

first_imgLimerick’s National Camogie League double header to be streamed live Email Twitter Facebook NewsLocal NewsPark your prejudice – it’s just the ticketBy Alan Jacques – October 1, 2015 1666 Previous articleVacant houses in Limerick should be put to ‘productive use’Next articleRugby – Foley Names Munster side to face Glasgow Alan Jacques TAGSfeaturedlimerickLimerick City and County CouncilparkingParkMagictraffic wardens Linkedin Limerick Post reporter Alan Jacques walked the beat in the city centre with the local authority’s traffic wardens to experience a day in their shoes.“WHATEVER’S wrong with us is coming in off that river”.The opening words in local author Kevin Barry’s debut novel ‘City of Bohane’ sprang to mind as I joined Limerick City and County Council’s traffic wardens on the beat last week.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up By the end of it all I had to ask myself if “that river” could also be responsible for the widespread amnesia I encountered on the city’s streets as motorists fell into sudden bouts of giddy absentmindedness when told they were illegally parked.“Really am I? I didn’t know,” says one slippery private vehicle owner, perched in a loading bay on Bedford Row. Cooing and batting his eyelids like an innocent schoolgirl as if butter wouldn’t melt!“I was only two minutes,” was the banal cry heard ad nauseam throughout the day from breathless blackguards scurrying up the city’s streets in fear of getting hit with a €40 fine for not displaying a €2 parking disc.To be honest, I found it a struggle to deal with people’s audacity and arrogance. I certainly wouldn’t be able to stomach listening to this tripe day in day out.Thankfully, for motorists, I was only on the beat as a reporter and wasn’t issuing tickets. I would have shot first and asked questions later. I found it very difficult to contain my inner tyrant.However, the experienced traffic wardens that patrol the city’s 11 beats have seen it all before and are highly skilled in the intricate steps of this light-footed little tango. They are far more understanding than I would be if let loose on illegally parked vehicles. Like plum sauce off a duck’s back, they just shrug it off as they go about their business in a professional and friendly manner.But, I’m jumping ahead of myself. Lets rewind a little.The enforcement of parking bye-laws in the city is always a contentious issue but the council have taken a more holistic approach to traffic management in recent years and this was clearly evident to me on my day on the beat in Limerick.There are currently 3,000 on-street parking spaces in the city and 5,500 off-street spaces. An on-street pay parking system is operated by disc parking and phone parking from Monday to Friday in some areas and Monday to Saturday in others from 9.30am to 5.30pm.The whole of the city is a two-hour zone and the cost of on-street parking in the city centre is one of the cheapest in Ireland at €1 per hour. Thirty minute parking permits can also be purchased from ParkMagic for 50 cent by phone and internet.This is all done to help encourage greater footfall into the city centre through a strategy that promotes on-street parking as a ‘short-stay’ street destination and advocates parking for periods longer than two hours in off-street car parks.“Our role is to operate a parking management policy across Limerick where there are 100,000 daily vehicle trips across the city road network. We want to accommodate on-street demand as efficiently as possible by sharing the number of spaces available amongst shoppers, visitors and residents.“At the end of the day, our message is that parking in Limerick city is good value, there is good choice and there is plenty availability for those wishing to come in and enjoy the city centre,” Rory McDermott of Limerick City and County Council Traffic Department explained.There was a time when traffic wardens were public enemy number one. I remember the brown uniformed wardens of yesteryear being referred to as the ’Gestapo’ around the city. In the past, the council appeared to take a more heavy-handed, unforgiving approach with motorists, which won wardens few fans outside of local authority HQ.That has all changed and people have rightfully become more accepting of traffic wardens. Nowadays, people mostly take aim at bankers, clampers, Irish Water and the Labour Party when venting their spleen at the world’s woes.Traffic wardens are not the boogeymen they once were.In fairness to them, they do a highly stressful job for little thanks and go about their work, a necessary evil in any city, in the knowledge of being an easy target for ne’er-do-wells and miscreants.When I met with the city’s four traffic wardens at City Hall to outline my proposal to accompany them on the beat for a day they were understandably apprehensive.I wouldn’t want a reporter following me round all day as I go about my business either, and I work in an office full of them!“We saw the feature ye ran on the Fire Service. That was great. But everybody loves them,” one of the wardens anxiously pointed out.Rory McDermott of the council’s Traffic Department, however, thinks more highly of his team and is quick to jump to their defence.“Traffic wardens play a vital role in the city’s traffic management objectives in support of road safety, business and economic activity and residential amenity,” he said.“They are not hiding behind corners and jumping out on people. Their job is to keep Limerick moving and they are widely accepted and respected.”After agreeing not to use the wardens’ names in my article: they get enough abuse on a daily basis without people having this personal information; I’m given the green light for my article.I arrange to meet up with the traffic wardens in the city centre the following day to find out just how accepted they really are.I meet with Warden A at 8.30 on a Thursday morning on O’Connell Street across from Brown Thomas.Like the opening line in a bad joke, a journalist and a traffic warden walked down the street, with the journalist wearing a day-glo high-vis vest with ‘press media’ boldly emblazoned across the back. Talk about drawing attention to yourself!For the next hour the warden’s priority is keeping the rush hour traffic moving freely on the main street and to ensure pedestrians can go about their business safely, unimpeded by obstruction.The beat is a repetitive one. We walk up and down O’Connell Street from the corner of Sarsfield Street to the corner of Cecil Street over and over for 60 minutes.At this early hour, Warden A’s watchful gaze is zoned in on loading bays and bus stops to ensure they do exactly what it says on the tin.“A lot of people just don’t read the signs properly. We will often come across cars where the driver has gone to the bother of putting up a parking disc but hasn’t read the sign fully and doesn’t realise they are illegally parked in a loading bay. We see a lot of that,” he explains.With an 18-month tour of duty already behind him as a traffic warden in the city, this affable young man tells me that he has learned to filter out the abuse he often receives during the course of his day.“Some people just feel the need to blow off that steam. I don’t even hear the name-calling anymore. You just block it out.“I was spat at one day. That was the worst. It wasn’t even a motorist, just some man on a bicycle spat at me as he went by. You have to have your spider senses on and keep your wits about you.”As we patrol O’Connell Street, a distraught man approaches the traffic warden to tell him his car has been broken into on Henry Street and that the Gardaí are on the way. After reassurance from the warden that a parking ticket will not be added to his woes, the relief is clear on the man’s face.“Have a good day,” the man said to the warden with a pat on the back as he strolled away with one less worry to contend with.During our hour on O’Connell Street, four people approach the warden at different times looking for directions. A quasi-ambassador for Limerick, he couldn’t be more personable or helpful, and sends straying tourists on their way, all the wiser.So, not only does he enforce parking bye-laws in the city, but he’s also a walking tourist information office.I take my leave and make my way to Pery Square to join another walking tourist information office on his beat.At 10am Warden B is busy logging car registrations into his handheld terminal, which records fines for illegal parking and also enables information to be immediately transferred to a database back at the traffic control room at City Hall.I often noticed the traffic wardens on the street working on their handhelds and always presumed they were issuing tickets. But, most of the time, this isn’t the case. What they are most probably doing is checking to see if a vehicle has paid for on-street parking through ParkMagic or is logging the details of an illegally parked vehicle before its grace period begins.Motorists will get ten minutes’ grace to either move an illegally parked private vehicle or to pay for the privilege of their parking spot by displaying a valid disc or topping up their ParkMagic. Ten minutes’ grace is also given to cars in loading bays. The maximum stay for commercially taxed vehicles is 30 minutes while active loading and unloading is taking place. Motorists also have every opportunity to appeal the parking fine once issued.The fine for not paying for on-street parking is €40. For non-display of the correct tax disc it is €60, and €80 for illegally parking in a disabled bay.Nobody likes getting hit with fines. We might sometimes like to fool ourselves into thinking that we’re special and the rules don’t apply to us, but from what I witnessed the wardens couldn’t be fairer.On Mallow Street, a motorist has craftily scratched the month on they’re parking disc and left the date and time untouched. Call me a cynic, but I reckon there’s about as much chance of this being a genuine mistake as there is of a three-legged horse winning the Grand National. The traffic warden though will still give this scoundrel every chance to correct his error and you really can’t ask fairer than that.You need your wits about you on the beat, as people will go to unusual lengths to avoid paying for parking.“They will try anything. I’ve seen people use silver paint and nail varnish to cover up used parking discs. I’ve seen very good photocopies, only given away by the glare off them. It probably costs more to print some of these imitations than it does for a parking disc. People will cover the disc with coins, they can be very creative,” the warden tells me.Sadly, he also found that verbal abuse has become a daily part of his job.“It’s not even the motorists that do it, it’s the passers-by. You will be called names at some point every day. You have to be on your guard all the time,” he says.“If you are nice to people, they will be nice to you but you’ll always get the odd one who takes it personally.”By 10.30am, most on-street parking spaces in the vicinity of the People’s Park are filled and half a dozen cars have already been spotted illegally parked.It’s like walking through the Valley of Squinting Windows as office blinds twitch frantically when the traffic warden approaches. Moments later, backsides start to waddle indignantly towards on-street vehicles in a bid to evade that dreaded parking fine.The warden is then called by one local businessman to visit Daly’s Lane where four cars parked on double yellow lines are blocking access. As soon as he gets in spitting distance of the lane, motorists quickly hotfoot it out of nearby shops and offices like rats off a sinking ship.“I was only two minutes,” gasps one red-faced motorist.By the time we make our way back up towards Pery Square, the grace period has well passed for a handful of illegally parked vehicles we had spotted 20 minutes earlier. In the meantime, these drivers have either left or paid for parking so the warden continues on about his business as normal.One motorist back over on Mallow Street was not so lucky after the same grace period and ends up with a €100 fine – €60 for displaying no tax disc and €40 for being illegally parked. Ouch!At 11.30am, I head for Howley’s Quay to join Warden C on his beat. His day has not got off to the greatest start having already being verbally abused that morning on Henry Street. One disgruntled motorist referred to him as a “scumbag” while going about his day’s work in the city.He has experienced worse.Four young men spat at him and threatened him while on the beat on another occasion.Two years into the job, he has a philosophical approach and doesn’t let the name-calling get under his skin.“We are there to help people and keep them safe. It is a worthwhile job. Without traffic wardens there would be total chaos as people would just park anywhere,” he suggests.“It’s a high stress job, but the good far outweighs the bad. People realise we are here to help them and have generally accepted us.”The warden quickly zones in on a car parked illegally in a bus lane on Bishops Quay and goes to log the vehicle’s registration.“We need bus lanes empty as quickly as possible and, at the end of the day, a bus lane is a bus lane.”Down on Bedford Row, around the corner from Dunnes Stores, a number of cars are illegally parked in a loading bay. While logging the details of the first vehicle, a look of recognition comes over the warden’s face.“I ticketed this car in the exact same bay yesterday,” he says.A glutton for punishment it would seem. This motorist now had another €40 fine looming.On Honan’s Quay across from Arthur’s Quay, there is a real sense of lawlessness as motorists park on loading bays, double yellow lines and even up on the footpath. It’s like the Wild West with cars parked in any old higgledy-piggledy fashion.“I was only two minutes,” says one illegally parked motorist, as bold as brass.“Just getting a prescription in the chemist,” another driver explained.“I’m just going now,” roared another.“I’d appreciate it,” the warden replies with a warm, friendly smile.He soon has the situation under control and the loading bays cleared, all the while behaving in a dignified manner. I am impressed.After lunch, I meet up with Warden D on O’Connell Street. We are back in the Valley of Squinting Windows. One businessman, who’s parking disc expired an hour ago, runs to his car gulping to ask if he got a ticket. I have to bite my lip as the man insists, yes you guessed it, he was “only two minutes”.Down outside the Limerick Leader a car is illegally parked in a bus bay. On the dashboard a sign claims that ‘all spaces are parked illegally by non-residents’ on Alphonsus Street.The driver arrives back two minutes later and on spotting the warden and this high-vis vest wearing hack huddled around her car asks, “Are ye having a party?” before zooming away.Most of the cars across the street have parking discs displayed. However, it is 2.30pm and some of them expired at 11.30am.The warden takes it all in his stride. His worst experience on the job in the last two years was having a glass bottle thrown at him from an apartment window on Catherine Street.“They just saw me as an authority figure,” he reckons.“People can get an attitude on them when they get a ticket but we try to help when we can. You have to take into account where you are and what’s around you. It can be stressful but working outdoors suits me.”By 3pm, my assignment is over and, thankfully, not a cross word has been heard. If anything, it’s the opposite I’ve experienced – and rightfully so.From what I’ve seen, people consider traffic wardens the ‘go to guys’, whether for a traffic management issue or if someone is in need of help or directions. Their very presence has deterred illegal parking in most instances, with compliance improved by 40 per cent in the last two years.To my surprise, I had seen no more than a dozen tickets issued during my four hours on the beat. There were no quotas being met to line the local authority’s coffers, and motorists were treated with fairness and consideration at all times.The four wardens I walked the beat with were very decent blokes. I’d gladly have a pint with any of them. There wasn’t a boogeyman amongst them.They also proved themselves to be worthy street ambassadors for the city. They do an exemplary job under difficult circumstances and should be commended for it.Love them or loathe them, traffic wardens are there to help. We would do well to remember that traffic wardens don’t illegally park our cars!As a wise man once said, “When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself”. 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Alibaba cloud growth outpaces Amazon and Microsoft

first_imgWe believe cloud computing is fundamental infrastructure for the digital era, but it is still in the early stage of growth. In September, Alibaba chief financial officer Maggie Wu said the company’s cloud computing business is likely to become profitable for the first time in the current fiscal year. Alibaba’s fiscal year began in April 2020 and ends on March 31, 2021. Alibaba’s loss from the cloud computing business was 3.79 billion yuan in the September quarter, much wider than the 1.92 billion yuan loss reported in the same period last year. However, Wu pointed to the earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization (EBITA), another measure of profitability.EBITA loss narrowed to 156 million yuan from 521 million yuan in the same period last year. The EBITA margin was negative 1%.On this basis, Wu said on the earnings call that Alibaba management “definitely expect to see profitability in the following two quarters.”“As I talked about during the Investor Day, we do not see any reason that for the long‑term, Alibaba cloud computing cannot reach to the margin level that we see in other peer companies. Before that, we are going to continue to focus expanding our cloud computing market leadership and also grow our profits,” she said. Alibaba is the fourth largest public cloud computing provider globally, according to Synergy Research Group.Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang said that public sectors and financial services contributed the highest growth to the company’s cloud division.“We believe cloud computing is fundamental infrastructure for the digital era, but it is still in the early stage of growth. We are committed to further increasing our investments in cloud computing,” Zhang said on the earnings call. It’s important to note that Alibaba’s cloud computing business is significantly smaller than these two market leaders. For comparison, Amazon Web Services brought in revenue of $11.6 billion while Microsoft’s intelligent cloud revenue, which includes other products as well as Azure, totaled $13 billion in the September quarter.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – – Advertisement – The Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. headquarters stand illuminated at night ahead of the annual November 11 Singles’ Day online shopping event in Hangzhou, China, on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019.Qilai Shen | Bloomberg | Getty Images GUANGZHOU, China — The growth of Alibaba’s cloud business outpaced Amazon and Microsoft in the quarter ending in September, and the Chinese tech giant reiterated its commitment to making the unit profitable by next March.Alibaba reported cloud computing brought in revenue of 14.89 billion yuan ($2.24 billion) in the three months ending Sept. 30. That’s a 60% year-on-year rise and its fastest rate of growth since the December quarter of 2019.That was faster than Amazon Web Service’s 29% year-on-year revenue rise and Microsoft Azure’s 48% growth in the September quarter.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Chris Gavina open to coaching UE Red Warriors

first_imgJiro Manio arrested for stabbing man in Marikina Photo by Tristan Tamayo/ INQUIRER.netFormer PBA coach Chris Gavina admits that if the opportunity comes knocking, he won’t hesitate to accept the head coaching job in University of the East.But for now, he’s still keeping his options open.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES For the complete collegiate sports coverage including scores, schedules and stories, visit Inquirer Varsity. Recto seeks to establish Taal rehab body to aid community, eruption victims Jalen Green puts Kai Sotto on a poster: ‘I just want to put on a show’ Red Cross, umapela sa may ubo at lagnat na huwag nang pumunta sa Traslacion PLAY LIST 02:55Red Cross, umapela sa may ubo at lagnat na huwag nang pumunta sa Traslacion00:50Trending Articles06:27SEA Games 2019: No surprises as Gilas Pilipinas cruises to basketball gold02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award “There’s no formal acceptance. It’s just been a conversation. Like I said, it was presented to me. There hasn’t been any formal offer or anything. They said, I’m high on their list. Just for me to consider being able to take it is really humbling,” he said. “But my concentration right now is on our team to move to the semis. I’ll be able to think about it over the Holy Week, hopefully.”UE, however, has Paulo Hubalde on its side as the guard has been vehemently persuading Gavina to take the job, which has definitely piqued the Fil-Am mentor’s interest.“I’ve been really asking about the program. Paulo Hubalde is one of my players in Team Valenzuela and he’s really breaking down of how culture was back then and how things have kinda changed,” he said. “He’s trying to push me towards the direction of taking it. It’s kinda a one-sided conversation with him. Like I said, I’m weighing out a lot of options and see where we’ll go from there.”Gavina ended: “It’s just a matter of really just timing. If I had really the time to just focus on that, I think I’d be able to make a quicker decision. But with the MPBL playoffs going on, I kind of spending a lot of time with game preparation. One thing at a time.”ADVERTISEMENT Conor McGregor seeks to emerge from controversy in UFC comeback Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew “Let’s just say it was presented to me,” he shared on Friday after coaching in the 2018 Darlington NBTC Division 1 All-Star Game.“Am I gonna take it? I mean the opportunity is there. I’m never one to just not be open to see my options. I’m all about winning. If I feel as if it’s an opportunity for me to turn a program or culture around like I have been in Team Valenzuela for the MPBL, coaching is all about being able to make an impact on young players’ lives, so if I get that opportunity, then I’ll definitely consider it.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSTim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crownSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folkGavina has emerged as of the contenders to take over for the Red Warriors post after getting into talks with some of the school’s officials last week.But the former Kia mentor clarified that he hasn’t accepted anything yet as his focus remains with the Valenzuela Classic in the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League.center_img MOST READ In Liverpool, Man United sees the pain and path to recovery Cabuyao City rising above the ashes through volunteerism Nadine Lustre’s phone stolen in Brazil Scarlett Johansson, Sterling K. Brown among SAG Awards presenters Judy Ann’s 1st project for 2020 is giving her a ‘stomachache’ Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

Latest: Chelsea 2 Tottenham 0 – Blues heading for Cup win

first_imgDiego Costa doubled Chelsea’s lead early in the second half and put them on course to win the Capital One Cup final at Wembley.The Spain striker’s shot from a tight angle clipped Spurs defender Kyle Walker and deceived goalkeeper Hugo Lloris before settling into the net.Chelsea, ahead at the break through John Terry’s 44th minute goal, began the second half strongly and Cesc Fabregas fashioned an overhead kick which Lloris gathered at the second attempt.After the Costa goal, Eden Hazard curled an effort narrowly beyond the far post as a confident Chelsea began to show some swagger in their play.Blues captain Terry had put his side in front by drilling home a loose ball after Spurs had failed to clear a free-kick.Hugo Lloris then prevented Chelsea scoring a second a minute later as he made a good save from Gary Cahill’s header.Earlier in the first half, Christian Eriksen had gone closest for Tottenham as he struck the crossbar with a ninth-minute free-kick. Chelsea: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta; Zouma, Ramires; Willian, Fabregas, Hazard; Costa. Subs: Courtois, Filipe Luis, Ake, Oscar, Cuadrado, Drogba, Remy. Tottenham: Lloris; Walker, Dier, Vertonghen, Rose; Bentaleb, Mason; Townsend, Eriksen, Chadli; Kane. Subs: Vorm, Davies, Fazio, Dembele, Stambouli, Lamela, Saldado. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Tensive Parker Labs Conductive Adhesive Gel – with disposable electrodes (with Zeo)

first_img) perfect adds life to otherwise dead pads UPC 010315346069 , 788021713030 , 593159190130 , 728795136109 , 885437746383 UNSPSC Code 42251616 Posted on September 18, 2019Author Nathalie DuboisCategories UncategorizedTags Tensive Number of Items 1 Brand Name Tensive so I am very pleased with it Bought this for my cleo ii as the pads do not stick well and i read online that people buy this gel to prolong the life. Well they certainly stuck to my face last night. Did not come with any written instructions though. A bit messy trying to get it off my face but when i read about it online afterwards it will come off with soap and water. So take them off, wash your face and hey presto job done. Definitely buy as it is so frustrating sitting there having pads fall off your face and it will save you loads of money buying new ones. This gel is absolutely great to prolong the life of face pads for those beauty gadgets that require replacement pads. Using this gel will prolong the life of the pads for weeks saving you money. The tube lasts for ages as all you need is a little bit. This gel does a wonderful job restoring electrode pads. It is also extremely sticky and requires very, very little to be used. It does require a cleaning agent be used on the patient to remove excess gel. Really improves the tens machine experience. I use a zeo sleep clock (discontinued) with disposable ambu blue p electrodes (the original headbands are no longer available). The electrodes last for about 5 nights, using hypafix tape after a couple of nights; applying tensive (as little as possible to center of electrode immediately before first use; spread with finger; wash forehead with water and soap after removal) gets another 4-5 nights. Makes the pads last so much longer and as u just need a tiny amount even 1 tube lasts ages i bought 2 tubes but wont be needing to use the second for a long time. Wow-works wonders for my Cleo Q! Works a treat and sticks very well. Got what i was looking for finally. Just a little dab on each pad does wonders. I have a cleo q and was struggling to keep the pads stuck to my face and they weren’t conducting very well because my skin is so dry. I got this and now i don’t need to tape the pads on and conduct really well so i don’t have to turn the machine up so well. This product solves the problem that many cleo users seem to have had with non sticky pads, so when combined with this, the cleo q is great. The gel is very gooey and gummy and sticks to your face afterwards but it does come off if you rub it and the hassle is a small price to pay for the huge performance boost it gives to my cleo. This sure does stock the pads to your skin. 🙂 perfect adds life to otherwise dead pads, just sticks to everything else too, and if you have arms/legs that are particularly hairy (which mine are not really ) then it hurts, secret is just use a tiny amount for perfect results. I bought this to put on the contact pads for my facial exerciser machine. I had stopped using it because the gel on the pads only lasted for a few days, then the pads kept falling off. This gel is much more effective, enabling me to start using the machine again, so i am very pleased with it. Sometimes the gel remains stuck to my skin after taking the pads off, i rub coconut oil into the gel (probably any oil will do) and eventually the gel will come off. Sometimes you have to keep massaging the oil in for a minute or two tho. But its’a small price to pay to enable me to continue with my machine. A tiny bit is all that is needed, as i discovered the first time i tried it, otherwise one has to peel the excess glue from one’s skin. As others have said, it extends the life of the pads considerably. Model Number 081574482 Specifications for this item Ean 0728795136109 , 0885437746383 , 0010315346069 , 0788021713030 , 0593159190130 Part Number 081574482 SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2019-09-18 04:42:58Reviewed Item Tensive Parker Labs Conductive Adhesive Gel, 50 GramRating 4.1 / 5  stars, based on  19  reviews See more product detailslast_img read more

Interviews With Geocaching Filmmakers – Part 3

first_imgLove GeocachingA film by Chiliconsushi | France“Two geocachers go on a search for the same cache, and they will find something else…” SharePrint RelatedInterviews With Geocaching Filmmakers – Part 2February 18, 2015In “GIFF”Interviews With Geocaching Filmmakers – Part 1February 16, 2015In “Events”Inside Geocaching HQ Podcast Transcript (Episode 9): GIFFMay 10, 2018In “Community” Who or what inspired this film?My inspiration for this film was to just make a cool little film for an activity I love. When I realized I was going to enter the festival I just kind of let my creative side wander and while actually out caching the idea of doing a silent film style short presented itself. From that moment I was sold. How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?My team is comprised of my best friend and fellow geocacher David C. Diaz (Legacy727) who was the cinematographer and camera operator. My leading actor is a great guy Leo Petry who I worked with on a short many years ago called Kharon’s Fare. I chose him because I felt he fit the role and honestly looked the part of a cacher who has retired and remains active through caching. Debbie Klaar (leading actress) fits the same bill as well. I found her through a friend and from the moment she hit the “set” she was just awesome to work with.Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?I originally wanted to make this silent film a period piece of sorts. I wanted my actors to dress sort of period (Victorian/Edwardian) and maybe hint at a steampunk style of ascetic but as the deadline drew nearer it just couldn’t have been put together in time. If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?All too often people walk through this world with their heads down or with some form of blinders on. Once they allow themselves to be rid of them or decide to look up they will be pleasantly surprised.What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?This advice isn’t just for geocaching film festival filmmakers but for all filmmakers: PRE-PRODUCTION is key.The extra work you put in at the beginning will save your butt later.What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?I’m amped for my next entry. As I wrapped the 2014 entry I came up with my 2015 entry so I’ve had a super head start this year. Who or what inspired this film?We are a couple of geocachers se we thought it would be funny to make a movie about love and geocaching.Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?Weather was cloudy so sometimes two following scenes that we filmed minutes apart don’t have the same lighting. If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?Sometimes, when you go on a cache hunt you don’t always find what you’d expect…What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?Have fun!What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?We’re thrilled to see even more movies from around the world! And also, we hope we can attend the 2015’s edition!Think your geocaching film has what it takes to have geocaching audiences cheering in approval? Visit the GIFF 2015  homepage and find out how to enter!Share with your Friends:More Who or what inspired this film?I’ve been on more Geocaching trips than I can remember with Auyantepuy and his son Autanatepuy. On one particular occasion, when Autanatepuy was still too young to go on a swamp hike, Auyantepuy had one of our friends record a very personal message for his son. His view of what Geocaching is all about is refreshing and inspiring, and his interest in passing on that passion to his son is uplifting.How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?This was the easy part. I just asked him if he wanted to make a short film. Lucky for me, he said “yes!”.Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?Well, as it turns out, Autanatepuy is NOT a morning person. Dad had to struggle to get him out of the car so early in the morning.If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?Get out and enjoy our environment through Geocaching. Make the trip the reward! Remember the FallenA film by mrbrimm | USA“A sister honors her brother’s life with a special trip.”  Who or what inspired this film?The drawings that makes the movie were made while watching the 3 matches of Italy soccer team during World Championship Brazil 2014. Italy was so bad, so not to concentrate too much on the defeat we drew! Italy’s defeat was our best inspiration! Another inspiration is a deep friendship and synergy there is among the 4 members of the team: inside we have the nerd and the creative part and this mix is really working!How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?As the single frames are drawings it was quite easy at the end to assemble them in a movie, using a video editor program.Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?We had fun when we looked for a name of the psychiatric and suddenly came out “Ground Spychiatric” which is almost a funny anagram of GroundSpeak.If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?Geocaching loves you!What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?A recommendation is to develop new creative ideas, think to unexplored aspects of geocaching.What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?We have some new ideas for our next movie and we would like to participate. On 21st February we will organize an event in a theatre of Milan to present our Geocaching Therapy to the Italian geocaching community and we will invite people to participate, because it’s a wonderful experience. The Two MountainsA film by HurricaneJuan | USA“Find out what Geocaching means to one of South Florida’s favorite geocaching teams, as they hike their way towards ‘Mud Island’ (GC2CYTQ).”center_img The Lonely CacherA film by eldiablo11811 | USA“Having recently lost his wife our protagonist attempts to lose himself in the one activity that used to bring him and his wife great joy. When a new geocache goes live he is sent out on the hunt…but ends up finding more than an FTF.” Who or what inspired this film?I know people who have served our country and others have lost their lives fighting for it. I saw the military geocoins which sparked the story and the rest just fell into place.How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?I tapped my local network of actors and friends. The actor that plays the soldier worked on another film I made. He served Iraq. My wife helped with costumes and set dressing. I shot and edited the film myself.Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?The most difficult parts to shoot were the kayaking scenes. It’s quite difficult to shoot a scene while paddling a kayak, trying not to drop the camera in the water and not bouncing all over the place making the audience sick in the process.If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?You can share your life with family or friends and experience the world through geocaching.What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?Make a film about what is important to you and what geocaching means in your life.What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?To come up with an even better film for next time. Geocaching TherapyA film by L’Avanguardia Team | Italy“A man is on the bed of Dr. Ground Spychiatric, a well known psychiatric. He feels bad, he feels alone. The psychiatric suggests geocaching therapy. The man discovers a new world that will take him into an exciting loving experience!” We have some good news, and some bad news. The good news: the 16 finalists from the 2014 Geocaching International Film Festival are now available for your viewing. The bad news: there are only 16 (and believe us, you’ll want to see more).Watch the full films and decide which should receive the Global GIFF Audience Award here: what inspired these amazing films? Hear from the filmmakers in their own words in the interviews below. Who or what inspired this film?My two favorite geocaching partners, Simon and Sawyer.How did you assemble the team (directors, actors, crew, etc.)?I pretty much handled everything. Once I wrote the song everything just sorta fell into place. My kids did a little filming when I mounted the GoPro on their bikes. The biggest outside help I got was with the song. A big thanks to Nat Graves and Sam Pearce who turned my simple little acoustic guitar song into the fully produced version in the video.Did you have any funny/interesting/challenging behind-the-scenes moments?My kids and I really do enjoy geocaching together and we’ve made a couple short videos of actual finds. But all the caches in our video were fake ones I set up for quick filming. It was kinda funny getting my kids to pretend to be excited about finding empty containers.  I also figured out pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to get multiple takes on things…so that kept me hopping with the camera work.If you could condense this film down to a basic message to all geocachers, what would it be?As satisfying as it is to find a good cache, what I enjoy most about going with my kids is quality time getting outdoors and being active together. I tried to express this in the lyrics: “The best thing I find is this feeling inside…These moments we share making memories here.”What recommendations do you have for new geocaching filmmakers?Just go for it! You’re already out caching…you’ve got your phone…uh it’s a camera too.  Maybe start just by documenting a few good finds (but don’t be a spoiler!) and go from there. Watch all the films from the first two GIFF festivals and look for other caching videos too. This will inspire you but also keep you from repeating similar ideas.What are you excited about for GIFF 2015?We really hope to attend this year. We were really bummed to miss the last one…especially since our film screened. It would’ve been great to watch all the films on the big screen with a great crowd in an amazing setting. We hope to enter another film too. Spend A Little Time With YouA film by HurricaneBrain | USA“This song and video are for my kids to commemorate all our geocaching adventures. Go Team HurricaneBrain!”last_img read more

Kim Kardashian sports maang tika to church slammmed

first_imgLos Angeles; Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has courted criticism for wearing a traditional Indian maang tika, a jewellery piece worn on the head, for a church service. The 38-year-old mother-of-three shared her outfit on social media with the caption ‘Sunday Service Vibe’, but some Instagram users were unimpressed with her mishmash of cultural items, reported Kim, who boasts 133 million followers on Instagram, accessorised her flowing white dress with gold Indian-inspired jewelry, including the head piece typically worn at times of celebration. Also Read – I have personal ambitions now: Priyanka The photo made a stir when it was shared online. One user said that “culture is not a costume” and that it was wrong for Kim to adorn it. “This is not a Sunday Service Vibe, it’s an Indian vibe,” another complained. One user explained the cultural significance of the head piece and wrote in depth about how Kim had appropriated her culture. “For those of you who don’t know, the maang tika is a ceremonial head piece traditionally worn by the bride. Wearing white in India is traditionally reserved for funerals,” another explained. “On top of that she wore this to a Christian service. She probably thought it was just jewellery, but when that piece has literally been used for centuries wouldn’t you kinda think there must be some sort of significant meaning held towards it,” wrote another user. There was a different side to the coin as well, as not everyone found Kim’s look offensive.last_img read more

The NFL Likes Running Backs Again Kinda Sorta

It’s no secret that running backs have been falling out of favor on draft day since the NFL’s pre-1980s ground-and-pound era. The amount of draft value invested in the position1As defined by a pick’s expected approximate value in his first five seasons. has declined continuously over the last half-century. This reached a low point in 2014 when not a single running back was taken in the first round for a second consecutive season.Things have changed a bit over the past few years. In the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday night, two rushers — LSU’s Leonard Fournette (who went to the Jacksonville Jaguars) and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey (picked by the Carolina Panthers) — were taken among the top eight picks for the first time since 2005. This came after the Dallas Cowboys picked Ezekiel Elliott fourth overall in 2016, to great success. And in 2015, two running backs were chosen in the first round.Clearly, a running back renaissance is in the works. Right?Well, sort of. While it’s true that teams haven’t sworn off stud running backs completely at the top of the draft, they’re also being more selective. After McCaffrey went at No. 8, the class of 2017’s other first-round hopefuls — such as Florida State’s Dalvin Cook, Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara and Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon — were all still available at the end of the night. It’s been five years since a team has taken a RB in the second half of the first round.A lot of this has to do with the economics of the position, as ESPN’s Kevin Seifert wrote on Wednesday. Because the rookie wage scale pays high picks well and running backs are being devalued across the league as a whole, highly drafted RBs are instantly among the highest-paid players at their position before they ever take a snap in the pros. That means teams better be damn sure about a running back before spending a first-rounder on him (lest they end up with the next Trent Richardson). The problem: teams can’t be sure about much on draft day. Only the elite of the elite check off enough boxes to make that kind of investment feel worthwhile.Adding to the risk, running backs also age differently from the rest of the NFL. Unlike, say, quarterbacks — who improve steadily during their early-to-mid 20s and peak right before age 30 — a running back’s shelf life is much shorter. Depending on the research you look at, RBs peak somewhere between the ages of 24 and 26, with the majority of their most productive seasons front-loaded early in their careers. So if you do manage to snag a game-changing runner, you’re most likely getting the best he has to offer before his rookie contract even has a chance to expire.Because of this, a team willing to invest a high pick on a running back better be in a position to win immediately, otherwise his best years could be squandered. For all the talk about the “Zeke Effect” — that Elliott’s high selection and subsequent performance in Dallas would spur increased investment in running backs on draft day — Elliott fell into a tremendous situation as a rookie with the Cowboys. Dallas’s mammoth offensive line paved the way for Elliott to lead the NFL with 999 yards before first contact.2To be clear, Elliott is a tremendous player; he was also second with 632 yards after contact. That’s a luxury Fournette won’t have in Jacksonville, where he’ll run behind an O-line that ranked sixth-worst in Football Outsiders’ adjusted line yards metric. (Maybe he should call 2015 No. 10 pick Todd Gurley, who has had to run behind a patchwork Rams line, for advice.)The Jags are betting that Fournette’s ridiculous ability to break tackles and run away from defenders in the open field will render that point moot, and maybe it will. But that also underscores just how talented a running back needs to be to justify a high draft pick these days. For those who possess that skill level, things are looking up compared with a few years ago. But for the rest, they’ll still have to wait to hear their names called at the podium. read more

Mourinho compares Lukakus goal drought to a bottle of ketchup

first_imgJose Mourinho used an old metaphor of Cristiano Ronaldo’s in describing Romelu Lukaku‘s current struggles in front of goal for Manchester UnitedThe Belgian striker has found the net only four times in 13 appearances for United and was benched by Mourinho in their latest Premier League encounter against his old club Everton.Following his 25-minute cameo in Sunday’s 2-1 win at Old Trafford, Lukaku has now failed to score in his last nine matches for United.But Mourinho remains unconcerned and reckons that the goals will soon come flooding out for Lukaku – just like shaking a ketchup bottle.“I think one of the best scorers in football had funny words about it,” Mourinho told Sky Sports.“It was when Cristiano Ronaldo was speaking about the ketchup bottle and when you [shake it]. The goals are coming and coming and coming.Romelu Lukaku, Serie A, Inter MilanCapello calls Lukaku “a modern striker” Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The former Italian manager believes Romelu Lukaku is perfectly suited for Antonio Conte’s Internazionale Milan in the Serie A.“I believe with Lukaku that this will happen, but the reality is that, at this moment, it’s not happening.“There have been lots of matches in which he’s not scored a goal, and not just scoring but also the performances, the happiness in the performances, I think is the problem.“But he’s a good player, a good boy, and I think the best way to do it is to just keep working and the moment will arrive.”Ronaldo once used the ketchup bottle metaphor in 2010, where he was going through his own goal drought ahead of that summer’s World Cup in South Africa.The Portuguese star explained at the time that goals are like “ketchup – when it comes out (of the bottle) it all comes out at once”.last_img read more