Cuba begins Renal cancer drug trial

first_imgBy Kayla HiggsA clinical trial with Heberferon, one of the leading lines of Cuban biotechnology, will begin this year in Cuba in about 300 patients with renal carcinoma.Dr Iraldo Bello, is the expert who developed the product at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB by its Spanish acronym).According to Caribbean News Now, Bello said that this formulation, a synergistic combination of recombinant human alpha-2b and gamma interferon, has been applied with good results against basal cell carcinoma, the most frequent skin cancer.Bello added that this year they will also conduct a clinical trial with Heberferon in patients with malignant brain tumors. Preclinical studies and other pilot research in humans show that the results with this product, unique of its kind in the world, can be very promising in these two indications, said the expert.Bello has spent  over 20 years in the research of this product, which has raised interest in several countries.The CIGB and the National Cancer Control Group develop workshops in which oncologists, pathologists and other specialists participate to educate physicians about the use of the drug, which has already been applied to 800 Cuban patients with basal cell carcinoma.last_img read more

Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo 2017

first_imgFITCE 2017 expects to attract 200 international businesses, 400 local businesses, multi-cultural global trade representatives from over 35 countries and global government leaders to the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center. To Register visit WWW.FITCEXPO.COM Showcase your business as a FITCE 2017 Official Sponsor! (sponsorship packages starting at $500 – see attached)Become a FITCE 2017 Exhibitorat the World Expo! (limited space – $45/table)Participate as a General Admission Attendee(limited admission –No Cost)Attend Partner’s Special Events:Former Presidents Luncheon (October 17 @ 12PM, Cost: $55)Economic Engines Luncheon (October 18 @ 12:30PM, Cost: $55)Presidential Opening Network Reception & Cultural Experience (October 17 @ 5:30PM, Cost: $25)Closing Cocktail Reception & Cultural Exchange (October 18 @ 5:30PM, Cost: $25)Contract B2B Matchmaking Servicesvia the Global Trade Chamber (Cost: $30/scheduled meeting)If you are an international delegation, foreign government, consulate, trade commission or bi-national chamber, please contact Paola Isaac at [email protected] 954-357-7894 for special instructions This October 17-18, 2017 Broward County invites the business community, and the general public, to participate in the 3rd Annual Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo (FITCE) taking place at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.This year, FITCE will welcome local and international companies for a unique opportunity to engage high-level government leaders (former presidents from Latin America), international trade experts and global delegations to participate in dialogues relating to international trade, foreign direct investment and culture. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND FITCE? Sell your products and services to international businesses from over 35 countries worldwide!Meet & Greet international delegations, consulates, trade commissioners and bi-national chambers at Doing Business World and at the World Expo!Learn the 11 Steps to Exporting, How to Import, How to Get Financing and more!center_img How can you participate?  FITCE 2017 WILL FEATURE:Panel Discussions and Seminars– such as the ’11 Steps to Exporting – A Roadmap to your Exporting Success’ and ‘How to Import’Doing Business with the World!– Business opportunities presented by foreign government officials, ambassadors, consuls general, trade commissioners and/or leaders of bi-national chambers of commerce representing over 35 countriesNEW!Speed Matchmaking with Country Representatives – Meet one-on-one with government officials, ambassadors, consul generals, trade commissioners and/or leaders of bi-national chambers of commerce for over 35 countriesThe World Expo– visit and network with local and international exhibitorsB2B Matchmaking Services– service offered by the Global Trade Chamber to match your business with buyers and suppliersFormer Presidents Luncheonand Economic Engines Panel & International Trade Awards – organized by the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of CommerceNetworking Cocktail Receptions / Cultural Experiences, and much more! Don’t miss this opportunity to participate at FITCE 2017! Let’s Do Business with the World!last_img read more

David Clifton: Licensing Expert – UKGC review of 888 is not necessarily a 999 scenario

first_img Share David CliftonThe shockwaves have subsided a bit since the 15 May announcement by 888 Holdings PLC that the UK Gambling Commission has commenced a review of the operating licence held by one of its subsidiary companies.The Commission has so far made no public comment on the subject but that is not unusual, as it will only announce publicly that it is investigating a matter in exceptional circumstances. However, according to the announcement by 888, “the review has been initiated to assess certain measures that the Licensee employs to ensure social responsibility to its customers including, amongst other items, effective self-exclusion tools across different operating platforms”. It is highly surprising that the self-exclusion and other social responsibility measures adopted by a major operator such as 888 have raised such serious concerns that a licence review has been considered appropriate by the Gambling Commission.In many ways, such a review is the ultimate sanction available to the Commission providing, as it does, not only the power to issue a formal warning, to attach, remove or amend a licence condition and to impose a financial penalty for breach of a licence condition, but also the power to suspend or revoke a licence where it finds that:a licensed activity is being or has been carried on in a manner which is inconsistent with the licensing objectivesa condition of the licence has been breacheda licensee has failed to co-operate with a reviewthe licensee is unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities.In particularly serious cases, the Commission has power to suspend an operating licence upon commencing the licence review. That has not happened here. Indeed a sense of perspective needs to be restored, given some of the more extreme media comments that have been made.As a matter of principle, revocation of an operating licence will only be appropriate where that represents the only means of protecting consumers and maintaining public confidence. Accordingly, revocation is only likely to be appropriate when what occurred (or did not occur) is considered to be so serious that it demonstrates that the licensee is unsuitable to hold a licence. Revocation is likely therefore to be confined to one or more of the following situations:there has been a serious breach of the Commission’s licence conditions or social responsibility codes of practice within the LCCPwhat happened seriously affected consumers, either deliberately or through incompetencethere is a continuing risk that what happened will be repeatedwhat happened involved abuse of position or trustthere has been dishonesty (especially where it has been persistent and/or covered up)there has been a persistent lack of insight or understanding of the seriousness of what happened, the reasons that led up to a problem or the consequences.Another guiding principle is the Commission’s intention, when imposing sanctions, to deter future non-compliance not only by the relevant licensee but also by other licence holders more generally. Since the announcement of this particular licence review, there has been a good deal of speculation by gambling industry commentators of the level of financial penalty that might be imposed on 888. Without any more detailed information regarding the alleged failings, it is premature to express any view about that or indeed whether any financial penalty will be imposed at all.What one can do is take account of the draft “Statement of principles for determining financial penalties” that was published by the Commission in January this year as part of its consultation on changes to its enforcement strategy, the outcome of which is presently awaited. That draft document stated that a financial penalty may be appropriate in the following circumstances (although the list is not exhaustive):where the breach of a licence condition was committed intentionally or recklesslywhere the breach could have been prevented by the licenseethe licensee was aware or should have been aware of the breachrepeated breach of a licence conditionsystemic failure to comply with a condition of the licencewhere the breach gave rise to financial gain for the licenseewhere the breach of a licence condition had an impact on consumerswhere the breach of a licence condition may have damaged confidence in the gambling industrywhere the licensee did not report the breach of a licence conditionwhere there is a lack of effective remedial action after the breach or failure becomes apparent to the licenseewhere a financial penalty is necessary to deter future contraventions or failures and to encourage complianceHowever, to put matters into perspective and bearing in mind 888’s stated intention to “be proactively engaged in a cooperative and collaborative manner with the UKGC throughout this review”, it must be borne in mind that where, following commencement of a review, the licensee makes full disclosure of all the relevant facts and makes appropriate admissions, the Commission is able, if it so wishes, to consider if its investigations need to continue. For example, it may consider instead whether it is prepared to agree with the licensee the relevant facts and an appropriate outcome or, in appropriate cases, what action short of the equivalent of a formal sanction should be taken. Relevant in relation to such an assessment will be how early in the investigation process disclosure of all relevant facts and appropriate admissions are made by the licensee. Each of these factors will also have bearing on whether a discount to the penalty element of a fine may be offered.888 has said that it “will make a further announcement as and when appropriate”. That may not be for some time. That is because, unless the Commission decides not to continue its investigation, a licence review necessarily follows a set process.This may involve the Commission holding an initial meeting with the licensee to clarify the issues, and to establish what information will be required by it during the course of the licence review, although sometimes such an initial meeting is unnecessary because the issues are sufficiently clear. In addition, the Commission may wish to interview persons who it considers can supply relevant information in connection with the review. Some time after this, the Commission sends a letter to the licensee setting out its preliminary findings, including details of the documents and any other evidence on which it relies. The licensee will normally be given 28 days from then to make representations. Following consideration of those representations, the Commission will send a further notice setting out both the settled findings and the outcome of the review. If the Commission is minded to impose a financial penalty, the licensee will be informed within that letter that it may accept the outcome of the review or refer either or both the findings and the proposed sanction to a Regulatory Panel of Gambling Commissioners for determination. This whole process could take a long time.Given the considerable emphasis over the last two years on strengthening pre-existing self-exclusion requirements under the LCCP and the publicity given since February 2015 to the forthcoming national online self-exclusion scheme (“NOSES”), it is to be hoped that 888’s licence review is to be an isolated case, but all operators would be well-advised to check that their own self-exclusion tools are both effective and fully compliant with LCCP requirements. We will be pleased to assist any operator requiring any further information on this subject._________________________David Clifton – Director – Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited UKGC hails ‘delivered efficiencies’ of its revamped licence maintenance service  August 20, 2020 Winning Post: Swedish regulator pushes back on ‘Storebror’ approach to deposit limits August 24, 2020 Related Articles UKGC launches fourth National Lottery licence competition August 28, 2020 Submit StumbleUpon Sharelast_img read more

South Africa calls for BetConstruct as company secures National Gambling Board supplier licence

first_img Submit VBET agrees Armenian Premier League and Armenian Cup sponsorship August 13, 2020 Related Articles Share Share Sergey HarutyunyanIndustry games supplier BetConstruct continues to expand its African market footprint, by confirming that it has secured a South Africa National Gambling Board, ‘Manufacturer Licence’.The licence approval sees BetConstruct granted the right to service sports betting solutions for regulated South African market stakeholders.“We have achieved another strategic victory by being granted a Manufacturer Licence in South Africa. This will allow BetConstruct to roll out its market leading Sportsbook to local regulated South African operators. We are excited to have reached this significant milestone after a long regulatory process and look forward to developing in the region further in the coming months,” commented Sergey Harutyunyan, BetConstruct COO.As an industry technology supplier, BetConstrut governance has emphasised growth in developing markets. In August 2016, the company secured its first African market supplier contract with online betting firm“Operators can now offer up to 30.000 live matches per month for 140+ sports via our market-leading solution. Additionally, BetConstruct will offer SMS betting and a localized light mobile version of its sportsbook,”Last October, BetConstruct announced that founder and current Executive Chairman Vigen Badalyan would retake the position of Group CEO, following the departure of  Vahe Baloulian as company leader. StumbleUpon Betfred counters Oppenheimer bid in race to rescue Phumelela August 26, 2020 New Polish poker table in BetGames section for STS July 15, 2020last_img read more

Unibet releases updated “Champions of Esports” report

first_imgBookmaker Unibet has released an updated version of its “Champions of Esports”, a tool showing various statistics from across esports history.The nifty and easy to use tool takes viewership data from Statista and player, game and country data from, Newzoo, Twitch and TeamLiquid.Credit: UnibetIt offers a variety of statistics from viewership, to average tournament winnings all the way to player nationalities and player density (i.e. amount of professionals per million population).  The infographics on top earning players and teams help visualise what otherwise is just a long list of numbers.Although they’ve cited sources, it’s fairly difficult to tell exactly where the numbers come from. This is a general gripe at most things in esports, and a frustration that many have even had with Newzoo forecasts – there’s no transparency in where or how the numbers are obtained.Whilst the infographic looks lovely and to anyone looking for a snapshot of esports growth or breakdown of statistics they may serve some purpose, a majority of the figures need to be carefully considered for what they are. Again, this isn’t just the case with the Unibet tool but across the whole of esports data.Credit: UnibetCertain statistics such as “pro count by game” offer little explanation as to who, or what constitutes a professional with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive an anomaly with over 6,665 “pros”. The difficulty is in deciding what makes someone a professional? There are definitely not that many players making a comfortable living by playing CS:GO. Switch to the “average age of a pro” graph and it suggests there are 1,425 professionals in total across esports to take a sample from. Something doesn’t quite add up.It suggests Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gained over 3,000 professional players between 2015 and 2016 which seems a little ambitious at a stretch – unless anyone else has charted the emergence of 600 professional teams alone in just a year?Certain statements above the infographics also tend to lack credibility. One reads:“Despite only being released in the last few years, Heroes of the Storm (June 2015) and Hearthstone (March 2014) have breached the top 10 and look certain to overhaul Counter-Strike by the turn of 2018.”First off, they’re comparing Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm to Counter Strike. Not Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Counter-Strike: Source, just Counter Strike. If we’re to assume that this means the 1.6 iteration of Valve’s popular FPS title, then there hasn’t been an esports scene for a long, long time. So of course two active titles could overhaul it.Then again, stating that Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone (which according to their graphs are $3.3m and $3.6m behind Counter Strike respectively) will overhaul Counter Strike also seems bold without reason. It’s safe to say that the Heroes of the Storm scene is hardly blossoming and its prize pool growth may stagnate. It’s brave, and completely unnecessary, to claim that Hearthstone will have over $3.3m in prizes this year.Another smaller gripe is the statement:“Owing to the performances of Wings Gaming in Dota 2’s The International tournaments, China have topped the winnings leaderboard since 2014”Wings Gaming won The International (TI) in 2016, and whilst China’s rise to the top of the tournament winnings chart was down to The International winnings it was the first/second place of Newbee and Vici Gaming that delivered it. Wings Gaming have only competed in one TI and it doesn’t take a genius to research it.Esports Insider says: On premise alone, it’s a nice idea. The continued issue around lack of transparency with esports data is clear though and although this tool is pleasing on the eye – the question is what does it, or what is it, trying to achieve?last_img read more

Caesars’ new Vegas production studio will involve esports

first_imgIn association with Sidekick Productions, Caesars Entertainment has launched a new Las Vegas based production studio. Word is that it’s hoped that esports will play a major role. The 48,000 square foot facility is near to Ballys in Vegas, and adds another string to the city’s esports bow. Earlier this year Luxor announced plans to convert its nightclub into an esports venue, whilst the likes of the Downtown Grand has been hosting esports events for some time. Moreover, in downtown Vegas, there’s Millennial Esports’ 200 seater esports venue at the Neonopolis. Jason Gastwirth, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Entertainment for Caesars Entertainment Corporation said: “Given our long-standing relationship with the entertainment industry, the studio’s close proximity to the famed Las Vegas strip, as well as its state-of-the-art infrastructure, the opportunity to open Caesars Entertainment Studios makes perfect business sense.“We saw an opportunity to do something that’s never been done in Nevada, and we’re confident that production companies will see the value our space provides. We’re already seeing a return as ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ has started utilizing the studio for its latest production.”Caesars Entertainment properties have a Hollywood history with the likes of The Hangover, Jason Bourne, The Big Short and more being filmed in them, and with this new studio their hope evidently is to do more of this, and get involved in esports too. You can read the press release in full here. Esports Insider says: Caesars’ new Vegas based production studio looks the business. With a soundstage capable of ‘hosting feature films, TV shows and special events (concerts, sports)’ and its proximity to Hollywood we can expect it’ll get a lot of use too. Maybe that Will Ferrell esports movie will be first up…last_img read more

“Dede Ayew won’t have a fixed position in Black Stars”- Kwesi Appiah

first_imgBlack Stars head coach, Kwesi Appiah, has hinted strongly that his captain, Andre Ayew, will not have a definite position in the team and that the player will be deployed based on plans and tactics.The question of Ayew’s position has dominated certain conversations about the team especially since the player has scored on a rather consistent basis for his clubs and the national team in the last few years.Since the 2014/ 2015 season, Ayew has scored 36 club goals with most of them coming from areas in and around the penalty area. This has led to observers calling for Ayew to be played a second striker instead of as a winger.However, Appiah, in answering questions from journalists after Ghana’s 1-0 victory over Kenya in the final AFCON qualifiers, stated that the player could function in a variety of roles so there was no need to use him in a single role.“If you have been watching Andre’s matches, for years now, he has not been playing behind the striker. He has always been playing as a winger.The thing is that there are players who have qualities such that you can always move them around.Moreso, when you are going for an AFCON tournament, you do not depend on players who can only play in one position.Andre can play on left, right and behind the striker but how we use him will depend on the tactics being used. That will determine how we move players about in the team.”Andre Ayew has scored for Ghana in the 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2017 AFCON tournaments. In the 2015 AFCON, he emerged as top scorer of the tournament with 3 goals.last_img read more

Kings’ Richaun Holmes back in quarantine after leaving NBA bubble

first_img Source: ESPN Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes is in quarantine once again after leaving the NBA’s bubble to pick up a food delivery.Holmes said in a statement on Monday that he accidentally crossed the NBA’s campus line at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, making him subject to an additional 10-day quarantine in his hotel room.“I apologize for my actions and look forward to rejoining my teammates for our playoff push,” said Holmes, who has eight days left of his new quarantine period.After players entered the league’s bubble last week, anyone caught leaving for an unauthorized reason or breaking the initial quarantine period (which included being confined to a hotel room until passing multiple coronavirus tests in a longer-than-24-hour span) was subject to the league’s reentry protocols.That means undergoing enhanced coronavirus testing — testing with the long swab up the nose, as opposed to the less invasive tests players are getting during their time in the bubble — in addition to a 10-day quarantine period in their hotel room.runo Caboclo of the Houston Rockets is also in quarantine again after unintentionally leaving the bubble.“These quarantines are the result of separate circumstances in which the players had interactions with members of the public outside the Disney entrance gate, and are in accordance with the health and safety protocols agreed to by the NBA and the Players Association,” the league said in a statement regarding Holmes and Caboclo.There will be a financial penalty if a player breaks quarantine once the seeding games start on July 30, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks. Each game missed will project to roughly 1% of salary, meaning Holmes would have cost himself close to $50,000 for every game missed.NBA players were sympathetic to what happened to Caboclo and Holmes, saying it’s a learning experience.last_img read more

Arsenal closing in on Willian deal

first_img Source: Sky Sports Arsenal are close to completing the signing of midfielder Willian from Chelsea on a three-year deal.Arsenal moved into pole position to sign the Brazil international, whose Chelsea deal expires later this month, by offering a three-year contract earlier this week, and are on the verge of beating off competition from Barcelona and Inter Miami.Along with the length of the deal, joining Mikel Arteta’s rejuvenated side and the chance to work with fellow Brazilian Edu are the reasons Arsenal are favourites to secure Willian’s signature.Despite wanting Willian, who turns 32 on Sunday, to extend his stay at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea have refused to offer more than a further two years – and the chances of him being a Chelsea player when the new season begins in five weeks look remote.Willian made 47 appearances for Chelsea in all competitions and finished the season in fine form, with four Premier League goals after the restart taking his tally for the season to nine.last_img read more

Digital license plate coming to Michigan soon

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisOut with the old in with the new, Michigan drivers could be switching over to high definition digital license plates. Michigan’s legislature passed a public bill last week allowing the use of the electronic license plate called the R–Plate.The manufacture, Reviver Auto, has already created plates in the state of California, and Arizona. The new plates are equipped with wireless communications systems and computer chips that make it easier to update them with new registration tags.  AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisContinue ReadingPrevious Gov. Gretchen Whitmer requests unemployment benefits for workers impacted by the government shutdownNext Students and community members honor Dr. King’s legacy at ACClast_img read more