Site home flow alternative growth road navigation station owners can not help but see

since 114la opened its source, site navigation websites have sprung up like mushrooms, and different versions of the site come out on the same day. With so many more competitors, how can we survive in the site navigation website? 91514 web site home built by 114la open source template, what is out of the ordinary place from the surface and content do not see how I should use the internet interpersonal relationship and the surrounding will open this kind of pattern can be obtained in many websites the more competition in this way to survive! After the growth process of the 114LA, and the cognition of people on the internet. I made a bold attempt to adopt a more effective and effective form of Internet publicity. The following is my experience of alternative flow growth, please exhibitions. read more

Qingdao New Area incubation excellent pioneering project

is an outstanding entrepreneurial projects, in fact, cannot do without the joint efforts of many people, especially in today’s society in the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial project selection is one of the key factors that have a good entrepreneurial project is the first step to success.

9 15 afternoon, "Tsinghua University? Qingdao high tech Zone Innovation and entrepreneurship support program" cooperation agreement signing ceremony of Tsinghua University project roadshow in the high-tech zone maxspace held in Bangkok, Qingdao high tech Zone officially signed with Tsinghua University to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship support program, "innovation base" students and "green apple incubator" blue Beckham also inaugurated. read more

SOSO ask promotion know more about quality than Baidu

Baidu know as to ask the biggest exchange platform, the platform management than any inquiry platform must strictly, the webmaster in Baidu know to promote your site has a certain degree of difficulty. Although Baidu is very strict audit mechanism, can curb the advertising content, but to improve the quality of QA content is not much, I often know in Baidu and SOSO ask these two platform to promote their own websites, for Baidu success through the examination of the answer, can explain the purpose of promotion has been reached, but the SOSO ask is not the same, even has been approved, and was selected as the best answer, the promotion you may not be able to achieve the desired results, the reason is that SOSO launched a platform to ask more healthy development mechanism, the promotion of the webmaster may at any time to other users of the content covered, I personally experienced. read more

Persistence and adherence are not the same

has done several sites, have to give up, but also adhere to.

may not understand the flexibility to use, do not know how to use the Internet to make money. Years of way: failure is the mother of success, but the site was dropped by Baidu K want to restore, is to pay much effort ah, this effort is not necessarily good results,


personally, I’ve always enjoyed working on health websites, because health is a hot topic for future people, whether it’s fitness or diet. Health care network ( is I constantly updated health website, I keep doing station principle, Baidu every day to update my web site, although included up and down is not a lot, one day up to hundreds of IP. As long as Baidu updates every day, the weight of the website is in it, read more

Network marketing innovation Jianmin Pharmaceutical ndustry Network Marketing

March 2008, Wuhan Jianmin start network marketing project. Before that, Derek and almost all of the traditional medicine enterprises, publicity on TV advertising. In recent years, Derek advertising investment has remained at between about 1800-3500 million, the strategy is CCTV TV Plus cross coverage pulse delivery. But a little money on TV advertising, it is too small, almost catch rival Harbin is less than 1/3. The advertisement sounds increasingly weak, the market share is more and more small, to vote or not to vote, every year in a test of business intelligence decision-making derek. Too few resources, the opponent is too strong, qiongzesibian. Advertising creative to break through, to find new ideas and demands, publicity should break through, to find new alternative media. In this way, the Internet advertising into consideration Derek top. read more

The value and significance of BBS transformation to community SNS

foreign Facebook is very hot, the domestic SNS bigwigs by foreigners the concept of flicker is good, at present, in addition to the several seemingly happy, have a kind of imitators, rely on several slave trade, parking and other webgame plug-ins in the fire, discuz are also hoping to catch up with the trend of uc. SNS seems to just feel boring or what people spend time with the Internet at the time of the killing seems exactly what is needed for the development of community, mutual exchanges between members and in their respective join circle pass, in a sense, is to create value for the community, have the value of equal opportunity. read more

How to maintain your E web site copyright

there is nothing more irritating than the fact that you found the article you’ve been working on for hours and without permission. Even more intolerable is that the article published on other websites is ahead of your own in search engines. Fortunately, copyright law protects the copyright of the original works, and if your works are stolen by others, you can seek legal relief.

legal interpretation:

Once created, the works of

are protected by copyright law. You don’t have to go to the U. S. Copyright Office to register or register your works, and they can be protected by law. Of course, you can also take the initiative to the U. S. Copyright Office registration, publicity, so that your work credibility. If you believe that someone has "stolen" your work, you can sue the actor for "copyright infringement". The law made strict liability of this tort (no fault liability) imputation principle, that is to say as long as you have proof of copying occurred, and the subjective existence of willful infringement in the matter. Most successful litigation not only receive pecuniary compensation, but also prohibit the subsequent infringement of the perpetrator. read more

Enter the tool type website Explanation and typical case

said the tool type website, we will first have a question: Daqian network website people, what kind of website is the tool type website? What are its characteristics, what is different with other websites? Search related information from the Internet, learned about the noun specific explanation and no clear statement.

in order to facilitate follow-up research, in this connection with the previous research results of students, comprehensive finishing, providing tools of the definition of Web site version, for reference: read more

t is worth our company to learn Google five brand construction secret

you can ask any designer, they might think that Google’s Google brand logo is the ugliest of all brands. Now many companies, once the new CEO takes office, is likely to change the brand logo or change the positioning of the enterprise. Google, however, has not only consistently used its "ugly" brand label, but also made it one of the world’s most famous corporate labels and the most valuable brand in the world. As always, brand consistency is one of Google’s most significant brand building secrets. What else does Google have to do in marketing, read more

mpetuous Chinese electricity supplier only draw lessons from can let oneself avoid detours

good afternoon, recently the weather in Ji’nan is really hot, is like walking outside like a sauna, a sweat is inadvertently, the old white related courses for two days and was sent to a site personnel training, to tell the truth from the lecturer didn’t learn anything, but in and around everyone is a lot of communication, to tell the truth now the electricity supplier industry compared to a few years ago the enclosure, burn, marketing, now has a lot of calm, we are not optimistic about some of the original mode of development has also made some achievements, but this does not mean that we do not have these little business difficulties, old white can mercilessly that small and medium-sized webmaster do electricity supplier as long as there is a little careless or a little change in attitude, it is possible to lose all their possessions. However, from the side as long as we are good at learning, good at learning, doing business there are still a lot of fish gold, after all, the market in there, so we should learn what Chinese business? Then, the old white and share with you. read more