Winter stall vendors should pay attention to what

winter arrived, put a stall and more up, but the winter stall in the end what to sell? Put stall stall vendors do small business, we must look for a big market, high profit products, and find a good sales method. Nothing can go shopping, turn around the wholesale market, think more about what to sell stall, you will find that there are a lot of useful things to learn from the store purchase experience.

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Self made millions of sales legend

with the development of economy, more and more opportunities, many people do not want to work again, began a career. But also a lot of self-made, starting from scratch is not easy, are hard to get success. Let’s listen to the story of dongsheng.

on Dongsheng brothers home 8 sisters, he was more than and 10 years old when he wanted to go out to do business. 1991 to Han, he was only 57 yuan, spent $30 rented a house, began in Hanzheng Street. Now he turned into a company with annual sales of over a million bosses, seemingly impossible things, he succeeded by virtue of their own efforts step by step! read more

Recommended brand of snack food

now people in the house there are a lot of people, so in particular for this group, the network called Indoorsman Indoorswoman. What can you do at home playing games, playing mobile phone, reading, watching TV, the leisure time is so sent, but do not look at this boring life form there is a huge wealth of business opportunities, because this group is not for what the company, that is to eat. The leisure food of these consumer groups to start, absolutely profitable.

leisure food is always very hot to join the industry, many small and medium-sized business investment in this venture will choose to join the leisure food! So many snack food brand and you know how much? The following lists a small part, may help you to join. read more

Shanghai wonton why good business

belongs to the clan and wonton dumplings, looks like, making process are similar. As we all know, such as dumplings, noodles, wonton and other pasta is a favorite food in northern china. The dumpling is . The wonton, thin filling more, delicate appearance, high nutritional value. Consumers are the most favorite food. Usually, a bowl of wonton production costs 2-3 yuan, the price is generally around 10 yuan, gross profit is still very high. Many investors optimistic about the prospects for the development of wonton, sprouted a wonton shop ideas. Then, wonton to join what brand is good? Today Xiaobian to recommend Shanghai wonton. read more

How to reduce the operating costs of food and beverage investment

food and beverage industry is a field of preference for many investment franchisees, because many people think that the food and beverage industry does not need too much business skills, less investment costs, higher returns. But early entrepreneurs do not know investment in food and beverage industry if you do not pay attention to capital controls, you will likely lose everything, so how to effectively reduce the cost of investment management is a necessary condition for food catering business success. read more

Five retail profit maximization model to help

is the retail sales terminal directly with the customer contact, numerous tentacles is like enterprise, sensitive and lethal, because demand in the rich society consumer more and more personalized and diversified, modern circulation enterprises to establish a distribution system widely and most close to the customer terminal, can use this to provide value-added services.

except financial mode, retail profits mainly through the following five ways:

expand into the sales price of

centralized procurement, plus additional services to certain storage and transportation and other simple, into the sales price can obtain the purchase price and price. This is the most primitive circulation industry profit model, now is still the basis of the circulation of enterprise profit. The larger the size, the more the bargaining advantage of procurement. However, the only way to obtain income is not competitive, this is because a single source of profits, the lack of core competitiveness, higher transaction costs. It can be predicted that the future of this way can not become the main source of profit for modern circulation enterprises. read more

What are the skills of food shop decoration

a physical store, if you want to attract consumers, often need to have a better decoration. However, how can we make the decoration effect is better, which is often a skill to speak of. So, what are the food shop decoration skills? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

pay attention to the store space design

[Huli District, Xiamen City, Zheng Yufei food store]

my shop is small, a 40 square meters of space, but I was in the shop when the small ground of heart very attached to the space design. read more