Three carefully managed to keep the store star is no longer difficult

now has a lot of difficulties in doing business, we have only "intentions", will allow the business to have a better development. Moreover, the heart of the people, will always come up with a lot of ways to make a good impression on others, to retain consumers, Changtai Fen Fen grocery store was a boss who has a heart.

using mental arithmetic. The boss has always attached great importance to the cigarette business, he said: after the new star rating approach, many retail customers around the leisure time to drink tea, said it is difficult to maintain the stars. But I don’t think so. I think it is a pleasant trip, maintaining the stars is not difficult".

he often log tobacco online marketing platform, a new star rules out, and immediately download the print out. The new regulations are very important to the operating capacity, operating capacity and channel characteristics in the 39 points and more than 30 minutes to reach the five-star I standard, out of the total score of 45 points and 35 points, that is, there are points and 5 points can be deducted.

he said, we must first know what are the strengths and weaknesses of the control provisions which scores are available, what the score is dangerous, which scores is not, can certainly get caught, may be able to get up for, no, this is the secret.

take the proportion of low tar, 100 cigarettes, there are 3 6mg cigarettes, it will be able to get this part of the full score, each month about 300 cigarettes, that is, take the low tar 6mg can be. "This budget can avoid indiscriminate reporting of smoke, reduce inventory, and will not let the stars down."

carefully arranged. "Before the government in front of the green tree, I immediately bought the plant Bougainvillea in a green tree beside the tree just around two growth, so this strain of Bougainvillea climbs is particularly high, each to flowering, the whole tree is red flowers, very good-looking also particularly conspicuous, so people say, we all know there is a shop triangle under the plum tree, particularly good recognition."

placed his shop at the entrance of the tea table and chairs also pay attention to, the popular culture of tea, the tea party, most of the people, to sit for a long time, I will also forget to buy some things, or chat for a long time have interest in some people who do not smoke, will bring to the store sales.

attentively. I am very familiar with the customer, they have what needs, I can remember, not because I have a good memory, because I am careful. The customer has the demand, I can satisfy, I along his hobby, asks is not ‘must come the old appearance? Make him feel like this is an old place. This can not meet the customer, you can not find the reason to meet, to solve it, the next time, he does not necessarily need, but you can mention, let him know what you need later

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