Hubei consistent konjac landing three new board

in the process of economic development, and strengthen their own strength of many enterprises constantly, enterprise strength has been continuously enhanced, market competitiveness is also increasing, so in order to further the development of landing three new board. The following and Xiaobian together to understand, Hubei consistent konjac landing three new board specific circumstances.

days ago, Hubei Changyang line Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as: consistent biological konjac konjac) released public transfer instructions, proposed landing three new board. This means that, in the capital market, will be the first concept of the emergence of konjac stocks.

however, the reporter found in-depth investigation on complete and fully competitive market segments, the konjac industry development is still in the primary stage, channel of income in Hubei province exports accounted for half of the country konjac processing enterprises, compared with the huge domestic consumer market, but also subject to product development, consumer awareness of multiple constraints.

7 12, the investment adviser research director Guo Fanli said in an interview with reporters, for konjac products, the impact of market expansion process is more consumer awareness of the product is low. Konjac products should first solve the problem is to cultivate the market, improve awareness.

reporter noted that the konjac industry still has capital intensive features, like the same to the capital market rose konjac "branches", chanson capital executive director Shen adorable earlier respondents believes that visit the capital market can greatly reduce the cost of financing, but also conducive to enterprises to strengthen corporate governance, improve the business structure and to improve the development of the scale of power.

konjac first shares to be landed three new board

according to the reporter, the same time the creation of konjac less than 8 years, and its actual controller Wu Ping couple had engaged in the advertising industry, the entertainment industry, relative to other business owners, more sensitive to smell the opportunity in the konjac industry.

In recent years the performance of konjac

bright, the day before the disclosure of financial data show that 2014 operating income of about 124 million yuan, about 144 million yuan in 2015, its net profit in 2 years varus more than 5 times, only from the above data, showing strong growth characteristics.

husband and wife 8 years of operation, after equity reform, to attract outside investors and additional employee stock ownership platform, such as equity structure is more clear. As of the date of the signing of the manual, Wu Ping couple through direct and indirect shareholding ratio of 89.45%, the proposed listing agreement transfer of 42 million 800 thousand shares.

konjac food health, functional products in the application and extension of the industrial chain, the company has become the focus of many companies in Hubei province in the eyes of blue. However, in a long period of time, konjac raw material is an important recommendation for each konjac processing enterprises

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