From the table to find business opportunities to create a one stop catering culture mullet

many young people are still running on the road to work, or eating bread in the rental room began when the difficult business. 6 years of graduation, Ling Gangji has a net worth of millions, he found opportunities from the table, with a mullet admirable entrepreneurial star.

however, the first venture soon, he suffered a major blow: a worker fell from a scaffold, he lost about 500000 yuan, it was he, is simply "crowning calamity".

on the table, Ling Gangji ate his father make pickled mullet, while pondering whether by mullet catering business. Mullet, both delicious nutritious and healthy diet elements, fit the needs of contemporary people, after a lot of market research, Ling Gangji found the road of entrepreneurship.

for mullet meat more tasty, he repeatedly "test" after the discovery, the fish meat into "flowers" shape, more easily absorbed than cut into strips or blocks. This Hot pot bottom material modulation, every time he put down the formula, not feeling well drained, adjusted for many times, finally a satisfactory formula of modulation.

2009, Ling Ganj graduated from University, he opened a small restaurant with a homemade recipe, quickly open the market.

"mullet" Hot pot shop soon won the Blitz, has now opened 29 stores. Rely on mullet Hot pot, Ling Ganj only use about 3 years to earn 2 million yuan.

although this venture is going really well, but Ling Gangji also has a new worry: as the business, the store often came to mullet stock, let diners return in low spirits. Ling Gangji worried that the long run, will have a bad impact on the brand".

mullet at that time, the market demand, the amount of the local aquaculture mullet is not large enough, the market of the mullet mostly from Guangdong and shipped long distance transportation, there will be a lot of complex situations, to recommend

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