Cross Strait Symposium on educational cooperation and exchange held in Xining

In August 17th, both sides of the Strait (Qinghai – Taiwan) educational cooperation forum held in Xining, Taiwan from adult and lifelong education society, Taiwan University, Kaohsiung Normal University, Taipei Institute of physical education, Taiwan education sector in our province and the Chinese vocational education society, the University, is national secondary occupation education reform and development demonstration school the project mainly around the two sides of the school leadership occupation education system "and" occupation education school management system of cross-strait differences "and" occupation education of school and enterprise cooperation "and" how to implement students’ employment "topics such as communication and discussion.

forum, Taiwan adult and lifelong education institute director Zhou Cande said, with the two sides of the transmission of Chinese culture, for education practice is also very similar, applied science and technology research that Taiwan occupation education, belongs to diversified school system. In Taiwan, education attaches great importance to ability, education for the times, the knowledge industry in an important position to encourage teachers and students to carry out technological innovation and research and development, is a technology intensive model. Different stages of economic development have different needs of human resources, the mainland has laid a good foundation for lifelong education. In recent years, targeting Taiwan Xing educational system is higher vocational education policy and the concept of higher vocational education as an important concept, attach importance to the education content and the social needs of the industry is closely connected with the school, to improve teachers’ practical experience and scientific and technological innovation, to reduce teaching and practice the existence of gap.

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