The city actively organize a firm belief faith confidence clean government theme education activi

since April, according to the municipal requirements, the city’s various regions and units to seriously organize a variety of "firm belief, faith and confidence" party theme educational activities, and has received preliminary results.
West District Education to seize the opportunity, through a typical tree, typical deeds, enrich the connotation of education, is a combination of "me Communist", to carry out activities to learn from Comrade Yang Shanzhou; the two is a combination of chuangxianzhengyou and Party style Dianxingyinlu "and other activities, people around with things around education firm, faith, belief, faith" honest theme education activities and achieved good results.
Chengbei District focused on strengthening the party members and cadres of the party conduct and clean government education, construction of solidarity officer team, training team, promote the general passion solid general style, in the region cadres in the open;

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