Xining 423 million yuan investment in the treatment of chromium residue left behind and waste of the

has long history of chromium slag and the "two wastes" of Xining city is the three major sources of pollution, in order to protect the ecological environment, Xining Duocuobingju efforts to control. April 22nd, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission, at present, Xining has invested 423 million yuan, the treatment of chromium residue left over from history and the "waste of two", so that major sources of pollution have been effectively controlled.

It is reported that since 2009

, Xining historical chromium slag treatment project started, as of now, Xining city has invested 277 million yuan, processing 410 thousand tons of chromium residue, construction waste disposal and landfill cover soil is 34 thousand tons, completed a total of 444 thousand tons of nuclear quantitative, after the detoxification of chromium slag 535 thousand tons of landfill. After the environmental protection department detection, after detoxification chromium slag qualified rate of 100%, basically completed the environmental protection department of chromium residue remediation work requirements. This year, Xining city will continue to do the 71 Road extension yard area east of chromium residue 2300 tons of chromium residue, and the area below 7600 tons of chromium slag pavement residual soil disposal.

in Qinghai province Xining City, hazardous waste and medical waste disposal centers project (i.e. "two wastes" project), has invested 146 million yuan, completed medical waste disposal, incineration, curing, physicochemical, sewage treatment, landfill, building 18 single building construction, construction area of 12 thousand and 600 square meters. The equipment is completed, rotary kiln, waste heat boiler and other major incineration equipment into the installation phase, is expected to reach the commissioning test conditions in August, put into trial operation. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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