Wang Jianjun stressed the full implementation of the provincial government in the Haixi state resear

in May 19 to 21, the provincial Party committee deputy secretary Wang Jianjun deep Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Delingha City, Wulan County, Tianjun County, the research of poverty alleviation, to create national unity and progress, the development of special industries and other work. He stressed the need to fully implement the spirit of the reform and development of the work of the provincial Party committee of the CPC Central Committee and major decisions to accelerate the economic and social development of the west coast, so that the fruits of development to benefit more people of all ethnic groups.

in the early summer of the Hercynian, the project construction in full swing, the spirit of the masses of cadres and high spirited, a thriving scene. The implementation of the spirit of the reform and development of the provincial Party committee of the West Coast Conference, is one of the focus of Wang Jianjun’s research. He has come to Xin De Qi ecological animal husbandry limited company, Delingha Industrial Park, science and technology innovation incubators, Ming Yangxin Energy Company Limited, Xing Ming Power Materials Co., Ltd., crystal optoelectronics, production, development, and then, ask difficult way. He pointed out that it is necessary to grasp the good opportunity for the policy, select the project, do good on the basis of fast, the combination of good fortune and local development, driven by the masses of all ethnic groups to become well-off.

in Haixi and run agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology limited company, Jinsui industrial and Commercial Co. Ltd., Sanjiang fertile soil ecological agriculture science and technology development limited company, Wang Jianjun understood the characteristics of species breeding and deep processing of the situation, told the attention to detail, pay attention to the quality requirements, the party Committee and government to the development of special industries and poverty alleviation work closely together, vigorously help to solve difficult problems encountered in business growth, achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Oasis in the Qaidam electricity service base, Ulan electronic commerce technology park, Wang Jianjun carefully inspected the situation of online transactions, and encourage businesses to accelerate its development in the presence of the masses play a good exemplary and leading role.

Wang Jianjun also came to the senior high school, Haixi Ke Luke Zhen Lian Hu Cun, Wulan County Keke Town Village, copper Pu Zhen Dulan he Cun, Tianjun County, the research to understand the mass cultural activities, to create national unity and progress, poverty alleviation and other work. He stressed that to adhere to local conditions, in the light of its general trend, precise measures and policies, and to ensure the effectiveness of training, the farmers become rich, make good ideas, good ideas, good way to open up channels of income, the real landing, accelerate the pace of poverty reduction; to identify the carrier, a good platform, through ideological education guidance and various forms of practice, ideological basis and further strengthen national unity and progress of the masses and working foundation.


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