Welcome to the new year stressing civilization the new tree proposal

friends of the general public:

snake spring festival is approaching, carry out the "civilized behavior" promotional activities in the country, the central issue instructions concerning "rigorously enforce thrift, oppose extravagance and waste", advocate for the cadres and the masses, the public good friend inheriting the traditional culture, the practice of virtue, rigorously enforce thrift, a civilized and peaceful Spring Festival. To the cadres and the masses, the public friend issued a "spring, civilized behavior" initiative:

one, carry forward the traditional culture. The Spring Festival is an important traditional festival in China, which carries a lot of excellent traditional Chinese culture. During the festival, the general public friends to stay away from alcohol, gambling and other uncivilized behavior, and actively participate in health to the traditional folk culture and entertainment activities in the city to create a healthy and prosperous, happy and peaceful festive atmosphere. To "Spring Festival" as the carrier, make full use of traditional festivals, carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation’s traditional culture, the "Festival" carry forward.

two, rigorously enforce thrift. During the festival, is also the consumption peak, home to thrifty, adhere to rational consumption, reasonable expenses, abandon the pomp than lavish unhealthy practices, and resolutely oppose extravagance and waste. The majority of Party members and leading cadres should consciously take the lead, the "Thrift" truly internalized in the heart, in the line outside the practice, to hard work, thrift fashion model, practitioners. During the festival, advocating civilized dining, frugal meal, call friends and family to join to the civilized table action, do not leftovers leftovers, consciously abide by the public morals, enjoy "civilized dining, thrift cherish the happiness.

three, Daxing civilization wind. During the festival, is also the procurement of goods, concentrated period of relatives and friends, the general public friends to set up a new concept of a healthy life, abide by family virtues, do zunlaoaiyou, neighborhood unity, abide by social morality, do civilized language and politeness. Stick to the cadres and workers in the window industry to comply with professional ethics, love and dedication, and actively provide quality services to the general public. The majority of operators do business integrity, fair competition, for the general public to create a fair and good shopping environment. At the same time, during the festival did not forget the difficult group, and actively participate in social welfare activities, take the initiative to help the elderly and people who have difficulty, make them feel the warmth from all walks of life.

the general public friends, our city has entered a critical moment to create a national civilized city, let us join hands to start from now, start from their own, to "Spring Festival" as an opportunity to use their own out of every word and action, bright and colorful flower of civilization, to contribute to the construction of the harmonious life of the city and the city of happiness!

Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

Xining Civilization Office

Xining City Office

In February 6th 13,


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