Saving water on large mines to be demonstrated at MINExpo

first_imgHow the Debswana Orapa diamond mine, one of the largest in the world, located in Botswana, an extremely arid region of Africa, switched to this technology and has reported water savings of 1.1 billion gallons and dollar savings of $3.9 millionHow a mineral sands mine in South Australia made huge water savings, achieved zero leakage, and reported a rapid ROI just from improved pumping efficiency alone because it now pumps more undiluted product instead of flush waterHow a dramatic water saving made by a Canadian potash mine actually stopped the product from becoming dissolved by flush water. This will save it the loss of 1,314 t/y of potash, worth about $600,000 per pump. This should lead to a total saving of $30 million in potash product each year by eliminating the unnecessary mixing of water and potashIf you wish to attend, its Tuesday 25th September, 10.15 – 12.15, Room N-261 on the Upper Concourse, early arrival suggested. The water saving technology deployed by mechanical seal and systems manufacturer AESSEAL currently saves nearly enough water each week to quench the thirst of all 2.6-million residents of Las Vegas for a full year, the company says. The MINExpo Water Session will include case histories from major mining operations using this technology, who report a significant reduction in water usage and increased operational efficiencies (uptime). This includes: last_img

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