Protection and development of Chinese herbal medicines will be protected by 1660 kinds of Chinese he

In order to accelerate and promote the healthy and sustainable development of medicine industry in our province, recently, combined with the actual development of our province, "Qinghai province to implement the views of" the implementation of medicine protection and development planning in the country, our province will clear by combining resource protection and sustainable development, the future and the planting area of the province in the wildlife tending to reach 3 million 500 thousand acres of medicinal materials resource effective protection and orderly development of the province’s 1600 kinds of.It is reported that the current

, planting and tending in the wild area of the province’s nearly 3 million acres, 1660 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine resources. Among them, the 198 is the focus of the national and provincial varieties, the 188 were included in the Pharmacopoeia of People’s Republic of China. Positive progress has been made in our province in the Chinese herbal medicine protection cultivation, product development, industrial development and market applications, has made a number of new achievements in Cordyceps and other herbal extracts the key processing technology, launched the Fujian tablet, hepatitis B lungs and other preparation medicine more than 400 kinds of products. However, the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry is still in its infancy, there is a lack of effective protection and orderly development of Chinese herbal medicine resources, restricting the healthy development of Chinese herbal medicine industry.

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