Geek deals 30 bucks off the Buffalo MiniStation Stealth 1TB USB 30

first_imgSolid state drives are easily one of the most worthwhile upgrades you can make to your PC. The sheer performance boost you get from changing your pokey old magnetic hard drive to an uber appealing SSD is worth every penny, far more than spending a couple hundred bucks for a few hundred more MHz in your processor.The trouble with SSDs, one of them at least, is that the capacities are still small compared to traditional storage. Most can probably get away with 256GB, particularly on a portable system, but the real dollar value in SSDs is in the 64GB – 128GB range. Once you load Windows 7, Office, Photoshop, a few more programs, and your music, the drive is full! And unfortunately SSD performance takes a hit as you get close to filling the drive, so it’s not ideal to run with the drive near full either.Thankfully good old HDDs have gotten quite cheap and this Buffalo Stealth external drive makes a great portable data warehouse. It offers up a massive 1TB of storage space in a small 2.5-inch drive. Using a notebook hard drive also means you can run the unit off USB power only, with no AC adapter needed. The sleek black case Buffalo uses will easily slip into a spare pocket in your bag or backpack, but the best part of this portable drive is that it supports USB 3.0 for ridiculously fast transfer rates (assuming you have USB 3.0 ports, of course).This is a drive you can pick up now and use for years to come, with its cavernous capacity and top shelf technology. Snag it now for $10 cheaper than we’ve ever seen it and start backing up your data like a good PC owner.Buy the MiniStation Stealth from Logic Buylast_img

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