This Galaxy Nexus commercial could have been made by Apple

first_imgIn the past, we have seen an enormous gap between the marketing for Android products and Apple’s iOS devices. Earlier this year, Verizon ran an Android tablet campaign, which was laden with terms like dual-core Tegra-2 processors and 4G-LTE upgradability. While we the tech crowd tend to throw around these terms, the ads looked laughable and out-of-touch next to Apple’s lifestyle-oriented ads for the iPad 2. As it turns out, we now see that when Google takes the reins for their phone’s marketing, we see something much more Apple-like.In the Galaxy Nexus promo video below, Google takes a page straight from Cupertino’s playbook, and shows you clips of people’s lives being enhanced by the new handset. All of the details, from the succinct narration to the cute-yet-profound background music, looked like they could have just as easily come from a recent ad for the iPhone 4S.The ad starts off with three features that distinguish the Ice Cream Sandwich flagship phone — face unlock (though they don’t show it being spoofed by a picture), Google Wallet, and panoramic photos. As you can only distinguish any one high-end smartphone so much these days, the rest of the clip is made up of more common features like video chat, voice dictation, and HD video.While it would be nice to see a more unique approach, it’s hard to fault Google for going with what has been proven to work. After some of the dreadfully-misguided campaigns that we have seen from the carriers, I find it refreshing to see an Android ad that isn’t marketed exclusively to nerds.

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