Motorola tempts enterprise BlackBerry users with 200 cash back

first_imgIf we hadn’t already upgraded to the iPhone 4S, the office where I fritter away my daylight hours would certainly have given the Droid Razr Maxx a look. That is, if we’d known Motorola had this deal up their sleeves. They’re offering up to $200 cash back if you trade up from your existing phone to a Moto Android.It’s a move that is undoubtedly aimed squarely at RIM, who’s seen their share of the corporate mobile device market take a beating over the past two years. Enterprise IT managers who once defaulted to BlackBerry phones are now deploying the iPhone and Android devices — and many are even instituting bring-your-own-device policies.Don’t get too excited by the special offer just yet. A large number of the devices on the trade-in estimator are eligible for “free recycling only,” so you might wind up paying full price if you decide to make the switch to a sexy new Motorola. RIM is currently running a trade-up program too, but it’s not much more exciting: the BlackBerry Curve 8530s my agency replaced are worth just $15. That’s better than free recycling, but not nearly enough of an incentive to stay locked in to the RIM ecosystem.In the end, you’re probably better off trying to sell your old devices on eBay or to company employees if you’re an IT manager. You’ll probably be able to claw back considerably more cash than you will from either trade-in program, and that’s money you can use to offset the cost of any manufacturer’s phones — Apple, Samsung, HTC, or whoever else you’d rather be using.More at Engadget and Motorolalast_img

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