Xining was full of cold yesterday

Recently, our province is frequently affected by cold air, rainfall around the country frequently, 23 to the night of the 24 day of the day, the province’s major regions once again a significant rainfall weather. Rainfall is expected in the next 3 days or will continue.

the precipitation process, the 50 districts of the Province meteorological monitoring stations to monitor rainfall, as of 24 May 8, the precipitation center of Qumalai appeared heavy rain, rainfall reached 27.9 mm; Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, and other 11 stations appear multiple 14 mm to 23.4 mm of rain in Xining, mutual aid; 38, Republic, Menyuan station heavy rain. Precipitation low temperature around Xining, on the morning of 10, the highest temperature is only 12.4 degrees, the gloomy sky, dense rain let people feel cold in June is also full of netizens ridicule, Xining only two seasons in winter and about in winter. The precipitation process also brought snow to Qingshui River and other high-altitude areas.

several roads into the ocean

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