Ginormous Python Devours Entire Crocodile in Horrifying Swamp Photos

first_img A kayaker came across a horrifying sight when he spotted a massive python chowing down on an entire crocodile after the reptile squeezed it to death in an Australian swamp.Martin Muller discovered the python while he was traveling down the swamps in Mount Isa in Queensland, Australia, The Daily Mail reported. Muller’s grisly photos were shared to GG Wildlife Rescue Inc’s Facebook page and have received approximately 10,000 responses so far. The photos show the massive creature slowly noshing on the freshwater crocodile with its slackened jaws. “As gross as this is, it is absolutely amazing,” one commenter wrote on Facebook. “Great job taking these photos.”Another jokingly added, “At any point did the snake regret ordering the family size? There’s no turning back after eating its face, huh?” Nearly 18-Foot Burmese Python Caught in Florida National PreserveWatch: 13-Foot ‘Queen of the Pythons’ Lays Massive Clutch of… Facebook users were shocked that a python would be able to eat a crocodile for a meal, and some questioned why Muller would risk his life in the first place to capture the python’s “catch of the day.”center_img Stay on target Michelle Jones, GG Wildlife Rescue Inc’s owner, told Daily Mail Australia that olive pythons will dine on a lot of different animals, including crocodiles, since they have the ability to “unhinge” their jaws to lengthen their bite.“It’s common for them to eat pretty much anything if they can fit it in their mouth,” Jones added.According to the Perth Zoo, the olive python is one of Australia’s largest snakes and their bodies can reach up to 16.4 feet in length. Olive pythons are carnivores and they prey on birds, mammals, and some types of reptiles. Even though they’re not venomous, olive pythons can kill prey by constricting their long bodies.More on Python Swallows (and Regurgitates) an Even Bigger Python‘Mutant’ Three-Eyed Python Found in Australia Gigantic 17-Foot-Long Female Python Captured in Evergladeslast_img

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