Xining heavy wage arrears of wages of migrant workers wages

from this month until February 5th next year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of labor and social security will be combined with urban construction, real estate, public security and trade unions and other departments, to carry out special inspections of migrant workers wage payment of arrears of wages for migrant workers, the unit will make a serious deal. This is the reporter learned in November 4th news.

this special inspection focuses on the use of migrant workers are more focused on the processing and manufacturing, construction, catering services and other small and medium sized labor-intensive enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. Including the employer to pay the wages of migrant workers, employers and migrant workers labor contract, the implementation of the minimum wage in Xining city by the employer to pay the wages of migrant workers, the construction field for margin, by the employing units a total of 5 aspects of labor security laws and regulations etc..

for malicious default, serious cases of the employer, the relevant departments will be ordered to suspend business for rectification according to law and reduce or cancellation of qualification, revoke its business license, and the relevant personnel in accordance with the law sanctions; not required to pay for migrant workers margin construction unit wage payment, proposed after notification of refusing to pay, will be dealt with in the the integrity of the file, if the circumstances are serious, shall be investigated for the responsibility according to law. At the same time, will also strengthen the implementation of the provisions of the Xining minimum wage standard by the employer, the employer shall not refuse to implement piecework implementation of the minimum wage system on the grounds, shall not use the increased labor quota lowering wages. Strict implementation of the provisions of the state on the rest of workers, to extend working hours and rest days, statutory holidays, to pay overtime wages in accordance with the law. Not according to the minimum wage to pay the wages of migrant workers, migrant workers to extend the working time, not to pay overtime wages of the unit, do not sign labor contract and not to participate in social insurance and other damage to the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers and migrant workers, must be dealt with according to law.


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