Brann local officials testify on need to protect public from traps

first_img Injury to Wyoming police officer inspires billsState Rep. Tommy Brann today testified before the House Law and Justice Committee on the need to protect police officers and citizens from pre-set traps that cause serious injuries.The legislation was inspired by a Wyoming police officer who was severely injured in February 2017 after jumping over a fence and landing on a plywood sheet with over 100 screws embedded in it.  Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody and Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker also testified in support of the legislation.“Individuals, especially law enforcement officers, should not have to worry about accidentally tripping a booby trap,” said Brann, of Wyoming. “If a fully armed officer responding to a property alarm can be injured, who else could have been? These kind of booby traps could have harmed anyone because they are being used to inflict pain indiscriminately.”The legislation makes it a felony offense to intentionally set up a device made to inflict serious injuries where other people would come in contact with it. Brann included a bill setting penalties at two to 15 years on imprisonment, depending on severity of possible or actual injuries suffered.“Our officer’s injuries were severe, but fortunately he suffered no permanent damage,” Carmody said. “When we talked to the prosecutor, we found out state law only addresses traps that go ‘bang’ or ‘boom’ because they have to involve springs, guns or explosives. Traps such as this can also cause severe injuries.”House Bills 5176-5177 remain under consideration of the Law and Justice Committee.“This trap was set with an intent to injure,” Brann said. “We must amend state law because people use a lot more than guns or small explosives to inflict pain, even when protecting their property boundaries.” 06Mar Brann, local officials testify on need to protect public from traps Categories: Brann News,Newslast_img

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