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The story started with the American show Quantico, thou art as the flower that fadeth…….a man that is born of woman that is today and tomorrow is no more” Indeed that is all we are before God His word says it is He alone that has the power to “give life and to kill” If we die tomorrow it is by His will and if we live tomorrow it is by His grace His word says it is He alone that is worthy of our fear and of our praise We must therefore all humble ourselves before God and know that He alone rules in the affairs of men and determines the destiny of nations So fear God alone and be the man or woman that He has called you to be; a prince of Heaven a deliverer of his people a fearless warrior and a worthy king And one of the characteristics of a true leader and king is the courage and ability to fearlessly rise up to the occassion and speak out when faced with evil injustice and oppression One question that is often asked today is why should we speak out Why bother What difference does it make And yet Edmund Burke provided the answer to the question when he said that when good men remain silent when they see evil in the land that is when such evil flourishes He said that the hottest place in hell is reserved for such “good” yet silent men This is not only true but it is also deeply profound That is why it saddens me when some people suggest that we should not talk about our challenges and that we should not speak out and protest against the evil and injustice that thrives in our land today Imagine what it would have been like if people had adopted that attitude all over the world and throughout world history The point is that we must speak out strongly and protest against evil whenever and wherever we see it That is why we were educated in the first place and that is what being a believer is all about Protesting against speaking against and fighting against injustice and evil is the greatest duty that we have to humanity and to one another as human beings It is a sacred trust and obligation before God The minute we stop talking we stop protesting and we stop speaking out against that which is unjust and evil that is when we are truly lost as a people That is when we cease to be the men and women that God has ordained us to be That is when we no longer deserve to be called human beings That is when we must bow our heads in shame forever Today our nation stands at a crossroads and it is left for us to decide which path we choose to take Do we take the path of despair and dishonour and give up on our country Or do we rise above it all and latch on to the promises of God for our land and for our people With biting poverty mounting hopelessness a bleeding economy youth restiveness unprecedented violence brazen acts of terror and all manner of vices and evil thriving in the land one wonders how things got so bad The foundation for our current situation was laid many years ago and since that time we have seen so much suffering and failure at virtually all levels We were plagued with leaders who lacked vision who lacked intellect who lacked sincerity of purpose and who were antagonistic to those that dared to challenge their visionless and purposeless policies Our country is currently bedevilled with so much negativity that it is easy to look around and just give up Yet I say that we must never give up because ”hope springs eternal” The bible says though the night may be dark yet ”joy comes in the morning” The wise ones say you cannot have a message without a mess You cannot have a testimony without a test You cannot get to the top of the mountain without first going to the bottom of the valley This is true And out of Nigeria’s ”mess” shall surely come her ”message” Out of Nigeria’s ”test” shall surely come her ”testimony” We have been to the ”bottom of the valley” and therefore we shall get to the ”top of the mountain” Our dream for a better Nigeria shall never die and neither can our collective prayers be in vain I refuse to give up because I know that the God that I serve never fails He alone rules in the affairs of men He alone forges the destiny of nations Out of a deep void and formlessness He ordered the creation of the world He established it by the power of His word and He gave us dominion over it In the same way He created Nigeria for His purpose and for His glory and that purpose and glory shall surely be established It shall come to pass and it will be manifest to the entire world We shall see it and we shall be established in it as a nation and as a people If God can do it for others He can do it for us too We can be great and by the grace of God we shall be great This is my dream and this is what I see And believe me when I tell you that it is prophetic A Nigeria where every man and woman regardless of faith ethnicity status or political persuasion finds a common cause and relishes in our collective humanity A Nigeria where the rich have a conscience and the poor have hope A Nigeria where joy and peace reign supreme and where bombings and killings are a thing of the past A Nigeria where the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac and the adherents of the two great Abrahamic faiths of Islam and Christianity live together in peace harmony and mutual respect A Nigeria where the secularity of the state is respected yet where God is revered and honoured by all A Nigeria where the knowledge and fear of the Living God reigns in the hearts and minds of the people A Nigeria where every man is His brother’s keeper where leaders show compassion to those that they lead where justice is done to all and where political persecution has no place A Nigeria where decency is rewarded where dissent is tolerated where non-conformity is encouraged and where equity is enthroned That is the Nigeria of my dream A Nigeria where youth unemployment is low and where every individual no matter how high or low can aspire to any position and live his or her dream That is the Nigeria of my dream A Nigeria where human life and human dignity is sacrosanct and where fairness is the watchword of every soul That is the Nigeria of my dream I have no fears about the future of this great nation because the God that I serve never fails The bible says the nations are ”as a drop of water before Him” He sits above the circles of the earth and He counts the earth as His footstool Yet despite His sheer awesomeness and majesty with Him lies great compassion and mercy Once we return to Him acknowledge Him honour Him and are led and guided by Him He will restore us and shower us with His blessings The Lord awaits us to make the right choice We either continue to wallow in self-delusion wickedness greed murder the persecution of perceived enemies the abuse of power evil and insensitivity or we desist from our wicked ways and turn to Him I am persuaded that once we make the right choice our date with destiny as a people and as a nation will come far sooner than we can possibly imagine In his book titled ”The Wretched of the Earth” Frantz Fanon said the following- ”each generation must out of relative obscurity discover it’s mission and fulfill it or betray it” Past generations in Nigeria have not lived up to expectation This is the bitter truth Yet there is still hope as long as we have faith That hope and faith is our blessed assurance and it lives in our minds and hearts We know that the Lord will fix it We know that He is ”more than able” We know that He is a man of war whom none can resist and we know that He restores redeems and rebuilds even the most broken and wretched walls Dr Martin Luther King jnr.

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