What are the ways to enhance the execution of the promotion activities

business is a lot of people want to carry things, we all know that entrepreneurship is not easy, need to pay attention in a lot of time but also a lot of good promotion plan, leaving only a mere scrap of paper execution. Often heard people say, hard to do research and analysis, repeated thinking and reasoning out the promotion plan, but did not perform in accordance with the requirements of the implementation of the original results, and expected effect is far from. This has been a prominent problem plagued marketing. So how to strengthen the implementation of promotional activities?

first, promotional activities to be operable

1, promotional activities have practical feasibility. This kind of feasibility involves the risk degree, the fund investment, the technical possibility, the human resources and so on many aspects. Once a marketing company to do business exhibition promotion activities, one of the highlights is the design of a diamond shaped transparent glass, all the people look at this design are considered very novel but also reflects the business image of high-end products, but to do this at home also found structure no way, unless the foreign order, the price is very expensive, so this scheme is ultimately not implemented. Promotion is not to be perfect but to be the most practical. The vast majority of promotional activities are not the best of all, but the most viable one.

2, to take into account the adaptability of promotional activities. None of the promotions are suitable for all market conditions. Business will according to the city’s economic development and the scale is divided into the primary market, two markets, three markets, but the promotion scheme is often only one, each of the local resources, environment, cost, level of consumption will inevitably lead to differences in the different program execution difficulty and promotion effect. For example, in a city can carry out large-scale roadshow, but to the two level city would not be able to find a large enough space available in front of the mall dataichangxi, to the three level city traffic even big enough stores may not be able to find. So the activity must have the flexibility to be bigger, also can do little, or in the same subject in different scale of activity, according to the market differences, make large, medium and small three kinds of activities, each place can choose which activities according to a market situation where to do, so you can avoid some the market staff knows the activities do not fit their own market requirements, and not in accordance with the views of the headquarters office, so explain away deliberately blocking the implementation of the program, and even the occurrence of adverse conditions.

3, promotional programs to refine as far as possible. It is very difficult for a few pages of the general plan, promotion plan to avoid some of the activity pattern, purpose, theme, the main activities such as title and reason list then under the implementation of this scheme, at best, only a thought. Especially small and medium enterprises in the absence of a mature program and activities to promote the implementation of the supervision system should pay attention to.

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