Beijing or the whole heating season will be decided in the implementation of the single motor vehicl

the message said recently, Beijing or in the whole heating season will implement danshuanghao limit line of car. This policy is to alleviate the current situation in the North haze, but there is no exact news confirmed.

held at the end of December 2015 the eleven plenary session of the nine Beijing Municipal Committee, Beijing municipal Party committee secretary Guo Jinlong has stressed, traffic congestion, air pollution and water pollution are three major problems restricting the development of Beijing City, and to reduce the intensity of use of motor vehicles do articles "need to focus on the breakthrough problem as soon as possible come up with feasible solutions".

2015 years, Beijing city has twice issued a red warning due to severe air pollution, launched the single motor vehicle limit line measures within the city. The Ministry of environmental protection experts have also analyzed, coal combustion and industrial emissions are the main sources of severe pollution in the North China region as a whole; but only one in Beijing, including the local motor vehicle emissions, emissions of air pollution contribution. And in fog and haze days of low visibility conditions, easy to aggravate road congestion, so that fuel efficiency decreased, further deterioration of air quality.

On the basis of

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