Part of the policy to adjust the loan of Chuzhou


venture capital financing is a very important thing for the majority of the public, especially for young people who lack of venture capital for the government to provide enough business loans is very big for them to help entrepreneurs.

"one can’t make bricks without straw", many people have entrepreneurial ideas, but lack of funds often become a stumbling block, instantly extinguished everyone’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Recently, the reporter learned from the city community sector, to promote the people business, Chuzhou adjusted business loans policy, business loans to further expand the scope of personal business, the maximum loan amount to 100 thousand yuan uniform adjustment.

"in the past, students start the maximum loan amount is 100 thousand yuan, 80 thousand yuan for women, individual businesses for 50 thousand yuan." The official said, now the highest amount of personal loans unified adjustment of 100 thousand yuan. In addition, the Organization identified as the starting up of employment and Entrepreneurship of the economic entity of the maximum amount of loans secured by no more than 500 thousand yuan; identified by the labor-intensive small business venture guarantee loan amount does not exceed $3 million.


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