Starbucks red cup hidden mystery

Starbucks brand influence is quite amazing, has an important appeal in the coffee industry, in order to attract the attention of consumers, Starbucks made a text in the cup, is to design this innovative marketing play.

A has long been plotting

marketing behavior?

11 3 China all Starbucks stores unified change using the red cup, WeChat circle of friends and all kinds of social networks are all the red cup. Stores around the world are also on the same day before and after the replacement of the latest cup, pictures of social applications Instagram recommended page is also quickly occupied by it.

the chain coffee company began the year from 1997 "holiday season" (HolidaySeason, before Thanksgiving until new year’s day) will store the classic white paper cup, replaced the red color to the design. Perhaps the minimalist design principle popular in recent years, this holiday cup see old Christmas snowman or other classical elements, only the bright red color of the shadow with cranberry.

but the red cup final purpose is not to accompany you to celebrate christmas.

instead of Starbucks for this cup selectmen, rather it is the so-called "holiday season" is very promising.

this year but Americans expect most of the time, and make a leisurely vacation from coming up blessing from all sides of the whole country, and more consumption. There is no more time than this retail companies expect. The 2014 holiday season – as of December 28th fourth quarter, Starbucks’s sales rose 13% to $4 billion 800 million.

those who commute to the city to work groups or by holding a cup of coffee and the people, regardless of whether they like, have become its mobile advertising.

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