How to choose a wallpaper store

business for the first time operating wallpaper stores, consumers do not know what kind of product acceptance is higher. So in the first sampling requires a lot of attention to the general needs of the local market, in the course of business to find the real demands of consumers. If you want to learn something, you can take a look.

the new wallpaper shop, how to choose the wallpaper samples? Generally, wallpaper by grade division, can be divided into engineering wallpaper (plain, cheap), ordinary Jiezhuang paper, high-grade paper, imported wallpaper decoration, also some special materials, such as paper, cloth, golden grass series paper, paper brick, wall etc..

positioning is very important, then determines the correct positioning, choosing wallpaper samples is low or biased, high-grade wallpaper.


in wallpaper shop, you can choose some cheap engineering wallpaper samples, as well as middle and low home paper accounted for about 50% of the total, can choose the appropriate 3-5 high-grade wallpaper, and the golden paper (gold foil wallpaper), paper (brick masonry wallpaper) is also essential to the proper selection of wallpaper samples. Several.

first selection of wallpaper samples, can not guarantee that each is selling.

the owner may be within 1-3 months, pay attention to guest needs, and wallpaper sales for each sample, not suitable for the sales of wallpaper samples, can timely replacement of wallpaper and wallpaper wallpaper samples of manufacturers or agents.

this demand relatively high frequency, or is determined to sell wallpaper samples, should also be appropriate to increase the timing.

wallpaper samples is a wallpaper store resources, if there is no way to replenish resources, customer choice will be reduced, the business success rate will decline, the money rate will be severely affected, so timely increase wallpaper is also required samples.

operating wallpaper stores certainly need to understand what consumers really need is what kind of products. But the beginning is not able to accurately grasp, so early in the sampling process will need to try, timely grasp the market demand, make adjustments, the only way to get a better profit than recommended

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