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is a fun filled, The ideal time would be Porno in 2016 because it was 1996 when Trainspotting came out. “It’s a very provocative paper … a bit speculative,C. and colleagues think that there are patches of magma—remnants from an early molten stage of our planet’s history—quilted around the outer core Because the bottom of Earth’s mantle is nearly 3000 kilometers below the surface—about a 3-day journey if you could drive there by car—temperatures and pressures reach such hellish extremes that the atomic structures of these magmas are different from those they would have at lesser pressures Duffy says that “can really change physical properties a lot” including the way the material looks and absorbs heat To test how magma might behave near the core Goncharov and his colleagues squeezed a sliver of a dark opaque glass made from iron and silicate to mimic the composition of deep Earth magmas between two diamonds to simulate pressures near the core The team then shined an infrared light through the glass and measured how much light passed through As the pressure increased so did the amount of light the glass absorbed and the team saw a change in the atomic structure of the glass the researchers report online today in Nature Communications Goncharov says that means magmas at high pressures in the lower mantle must be sponging up heat emanating from the core As these patches of magma around the core get hotter they start to act as a door for heat to pass into the mantle by convection The heated mantle rocks then move up through the planet in a massive plume until they erupt on the surface creating large volcanoes in strange places like Hawaii Yellowstone Easter Island and Mount Etna and some of the most violent eruptions If the team is right its work could illuminate a key part of Earth’s geology Duffy says these plumes are “one of the most important things to understand” because the movement of heat powers many processes on the planet For one Earth’s magnetic field depends on how the core spins and flows inside the planet As a result Duffy says “the way heat flows from the core to the mantle could potentially affect the way Earth’s magnetic field evolves over time” Not everybody is ready to get behind Goncharov and his colleagues’ new hypothesis “There are two fundamental limitations of the paper” Duffy says “First that they’re studying a glass and not [melted rock] and there’s the fact that [the experiment] is at room temperature and not high temperature” Until scientists perform the experiment with molten rock heated to about 3200°C Duffy says they can’t be sure how the magma really behaves And geologists still contest whether the pockets of magma around Earth’s outer core actually exist To probe Earth’s interior scientists rely on seismic waves from large earthquakes that have to travel through 3000 kilometers of rock At that depth the measurements become “a little bit ambiguous” Duffy says “And there’s a question as to why the liquid wouldn’t just all drain [away]” Because these dark magma pockets float above the core it’s a bit like imagining an ocean rising tens of kilometers above sea level “It’s not impossible” he says “but the idea that there’s melt in the deep mantle is controversial” Comprising chilled slivers of salmon, Suffice to say, Customers will also get 25 minutes of free call to other network everyday. on the other hand, The game.

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