Shops want to do business and pay attention to health management

is now a lot of physical store bosses are trying to attract consumers is by virtue of their products, but I do not know whether the decision of a customer in the store shopping, there are a lot of factors. Among them, the store’s health is also a very critical point. When the customer walked into the shop, only to see the decoration of the shop, not necessarily the impulse to buy. To enable customers to purchase impulse, the store must have a shopping atmosphere.

1, keep the store environment clean and hygienic

at any time to pay attention to the cleanliness of the store, especially the ground and some dead, but should pay special attention to, there is no chance that the customer will not see. To know if the customer see the corner of the thick dust, would be enough to create the image of the store clerk hard to be destroyed on one day. In addition, the open space outside the door should also be cleaned regularly, not only focus on the store’s environmental health.

the health of these places is something we must always pay attention to:

(1) to the population. This is the most easy to see the place, from here to the store between the ground dust is more, so every day to clean.

(2) cash register and reserve goods. Cash registers and spare goods are often accessible to customers, so don’t mess up or get dirty.

(3) in store toilet. The store has a bathroom store, the store wants to understand the situation, look at the toilet will know. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the cleaning and finishing. For the toilet on the ground, walls, toilet, lavatory and mirror, such as the case of dirty, should promptly clean; toilet paper, soap used to replenish, otherwise the customer good impression will be greatly reduced.

in addition, we should also pay attention to the smell of the shop, some customers are very sensitive to smell, so we should always use air or air purifiers to avoid the store is full of smell.

2, door and furniture hygiene can not be less

for some stores with glass stores, the glass door can not be underestimated. Although it is only a door, but it is the transfer of information between stores and customers the first media, the daily health work must be done. Shop for furniture, such as Taiwan, store display edge table and table legs, edge and angle display, and automatic door guide groove, is a customer will be able to see the place, every day should be clean, let the best moment of furniture looks brand-new and bright, in order to make a good impression on the customers. In particular, food store display cabinets, must be kept clean, not greasy, or fly fly.

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