Ten underwear brand rankings

who do not want to have a perfect body, who do not want to have a more comfortable underwear, underwear market is so smooth was born. Underwear can be rebuilt, reshape the body curve. Underwear, you can immediately sculpture figure, beautiful figure shows, underwear in the care of your body, focus on the chest, just perfect sculpture waist and hip function, create a natural slim and sexy beauty.

high quality underwear (i.e. underwear) is based on " fat mobility " principle, will gradually shift and drop fat loss, return to the correct position and to lock the vertical shape, eventually took off when it is still breast tall, slender waist, with rounded upturned buttocks.

and different places in the past waist bellyband, is that it has changed the previous " piecemeal " practice, not only the local body adjustment, but through the various parts of the body (such as the Furu armpit, stomach, abdomen, waist, back and other parts of the excess fat transfer) and close to a proper position, make the body are convex, so as to achieve the effect of body shaping. So, underwear which brand is good, with the following Xiaobian to see ten underwear brand rankings.


underwear brand ranking NO.1. GRACEWELL (Tingmei famous brand, Beijing famous lingerie brand ten, specializing in women’s underwear / radiation-proof clothes design and production enterprises, cracewell Group Health Technology Co., Ltd.)


underwear brand ranking NO.2. love Aimer (started in 1993, the original underwear brand leader, focus on the development of high-end brand underwear and clothing, underwear and personalized custom dress studio, Beijing aimer Limited)


underwear brand ranking NO.3. ManiForm (maniform pioneered slim warm series, dragon " " underwear underwear industry China laid the foundation in original position, Shenzhen Hui Jie group Limited by Share Ltd)


underwear brand ranking NO.4.Wacoal Wacoal (from the 1949 Japan dominated underwear products across the board’s leader, is committed to the design for women "Hexin aptamer" boutique underwear brand enterprise, Wacoal (China) Fashion Co., Ltd.)

underwear ten brand ranking (NO.5. company began in 1927, the Chinese time-honored, woolen industry leader, wool knitting / clothing / cover / textile industry large textile group company, the company (Group) Co. Ltd.)

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