What is the name of the shop method

as long as the shop to do business, whether it is a physical store, or shop, a good name is very important thing. So, Taobao shop, the name is very important. A creative shop name, not only can quickly attract the attention of consumers, but also to highlight the characteristics of the shop, to expand its visibility, thereby promoting the steady development of online business. So, how to get the name of the shop will attract the attention of consumers? Here is a summary of some of the companies to follow the names of the methods and techniques for your reference.

By the name of

1, with


this method is mainly by means of personal names and place names for their shop name. First of all, in the use of names, we often follow the traditional name (name) + industry + surname model to name, such as Lao She Teahouse, Hou Wang chateau. As for the name, is often combined with the local specialty name, such as Chongqing, Changbai Mountain and so on spicy snacks tonic shop.


code by refined method

as its name implies, is the use of ancient poetry in the song named for the shop. Because of the high value of culture and literature in the ancient poetry, it is better to choose a word or a word from the poem to name the shop. Of course, the selected text should pay attention to the artistic conception, the best can cause people to fall into a reverie. For example, a musical instrument called "Sky Music", "poetry is through imitation. Laurie, Tianxiang cloud drift outside" to come out.

3, the characteristics of the commodity

if the sales commodity characteristics is more obvious, so choose selected commodity characteristics as the name of the shop is the best choice, not only for the propaganda shop business, can clearly tell consumers what market positioning is the shop, can be more accurate to attract the target audience.

4, by consumer psychology

borrows consumer psychology, coming to popular or popular things to shop name. Usually we can through the following five aspects: the psychological need to consider naming to nostalgic, need to cater to the fashion psychology, to cater to the Xiyang psychology, lucky psychology, cater to the psychological adventures. For example, Korean women’s clothing store, man tide etc..

5, borrow digital

borrowed the name of the number is also a favorite seller named way. Due to the number of names not only makes it easy to identify, impressive, the edge of the figure also represents a deeper meaning, so clever with the number of names, but also to the shop to add a lot of color. Such as the 1970 popular Museum, shop No. 62, fashion after 80, etc., are a good name.


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