Secret gray brush single army interests chain Taobao into the hardest hit

editor’s note: there are places where there is interest. In recent years, parasitic in the booming electricity supplier on the brush single gray interests came into being. Now a single brush has evolved into a social phenomenon, but also the tendency of companies, technology, scale, become difficult to eradicate the cancer industry "". Although Taobao and other electricity providers introduced a single act of disciplinary action, but the effect is not large, it seems to fall into the cat and mouse and rat funny cat game. Therefore, only the use of laws to punish acts of scalping, is the real way out.

has been called a large number of professional organizations to brush a single business, false trading brush, poor division brush single, send empty boxes, such as brush one after another endless

to cut the hand of the party concerned, in addition to the traditional festival, business anniversary discount shopping day has become the most anticipated for the annual carnival. Trading volume discounts bring speed growth, also allow electricity providers who smile. However, in this 618 anniversary day before and after the Jingdong, an American investment consulting agency report released to the Jingdong is throwing a bucket of cold water, the report said the Jingdong sales of the existence of false, the so-called "brush". Subsequently, Jingdong responded immediately to deny that the report uses a large number of errors in the calculation and logical derivation, with the fact that completely inconsistent conclusions. This storm has come to an end.

in fact, the brush for the electricity supplier industry has not been a new thing. The reason why there is a single brush, mainly due to the growing electricity supplier industry, and Taobao as the largest domestic electricity supplier website, seems to have become a brush heavy disaster". "The general consumer online shopping goods are ranked by sales or store credit, only the sales and reputation brush up, consumers will enter the shop to buy, especially new shops do not brush single words difficult to flow", Taobao owner Zhao on the "Securities Daily" reporters.

there are places where there is interest. Single brush phenomenon repeatedly hit, because in this river is hidden in the huge interests of the chain. Taobao brush, earn 300 yuan per day, the Internet can often see such temptation information. In fact, scalping passengers are also not alone, the current industry has many large professional organizations to brush single business. Members of scalping tissues will be divided into grades, only the most common single brush, pull into the group to earn a higher level can also commission fee, the most senior is a single brush, pull, put one of these can be done, the highest percentage. Single brush has been retrofit, brush false trading, bad teacher to send a single brush, brush single empty box and so on, this is not the only one. A part-time brush single passenger claims to earn 5000 yuan a month to play like".

investment advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yanhong said to accept the Securities Daily "interview with reporters, the fundamental reason is because of the large number of Taobao stores not only do not have enough money to do promotion, and no actual sales support, in order to maintain the normal operation of the Taobao store and take the brush. Brush belongs to illegal acts, according to the provisions of the consumer protection law, scalping behavior violates the consumer >

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