China’s mobile online shopping transaction size over 210 billion yuan

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 6 January, (reporter pitched) 6 reporters from 2015 Chinese Internet industry annual meeting was informed that, as of the third quarter of 2014, China’s mobile online shopping transaction size exceeded 210 billion yuan, O2O (online and offline) business application layout more widely, accelerate the expansion of market size.

China Internet association secretary Lu Wei said that in 2014 China’s Internet sector to usher in a new round of financing peak, the emerging O2O business application services within the overall layout of the mobile Internet, hot involve recruitment, movie tickets, traffic tickets, travel tickets, taxi car rental, catering, beauty, car maintenance and other areas continue to emerge, intelligent system should serve the people’s livelihood gradually mature, accelerate the expansion of market size. As of the third quarter of 2014, China’s mobile online shopping transaction size has exceeded $210 billion, an increase of nearly 3 times compared to 2013.

Lu Wei believes that in 2014 O2O application system innovation continues to O2O platform based payment, data ecosystem is gradually formed. Internet O2O companies continue to tap the value of data, to provide users with decision-making advice, personalized recommendation and other massive data services, big data and cloud computing technology in the country to be more widely used. In addition, the mobile Internet payment business in 2014 has also been considerable development, experts predict that by 2015, China’s mobile e-commerce market size will exceed 104 billion 600 million yuan, mobile payment will gradually become the norm means of payment Internet shopping.

Chinese Internet industry annual conference has been held five sessions, this year with "new formats, deep integration" as the theme, invited industry experts and Internet Co responsible person to participate in seminars, exchanges, and issued a "2014 Chinese" "review of the development of the Internet industry segments of the Internet Report". (end)

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