How to avoid the illegal operation of WeChat titles

WeChat, the introduction of a lot of features as well as the improvement of the user experience, for all of us, there is always a little for our grassroots is very unfair, that is malicious reports. When it comes to malicious, I do not think to say fuck, this is the official WeChat do an operation is not perfect. This is only a report for the user is a better experience, but for all of us, it is true that half of the body buried in the land. Maybe someday you’ll be sealed.

so we often have what will be the title of


: the first rumor

for acting this kind of copy is very difficult for us to determine the authenticity, we also know that now for the exposure of such events is our fans are very concerned about, we also use this number a lot of exposure time to form a forward increase of a lot of fans, but there is a part of the content is good, some may be in order to achieve the purpose of the explosion, so as to continuously update the new exposure events do not distinguish the authenticity, as shown in figure







me yesterday because of this article, leading to a number was closed for a week, this article is a comparison of the fire in June and July, because at that time everywhere in the exposure or abducted children cheated, for this article, we have the contents of the exposure is news source, but we are still because the cause of WeChat blocked rumors. To be sure, the contents of our report is to report the adults abducted, and is a television news report.

we can be found, although the content is not related to such rumors, but we have been involved in the title, so if we are appealing then basically there is no way to appeal to success.

so, when we update the content in the day after to still pay attention to the title, we try to avoid the headlines involving illegal keywords, although our content is not illegal but our title involved, so we may at any time be faced with the title.

Another point is

, we send the report content is mostly made for a long time, I don’t know why they went back to the content before, under normal circumstances, our users are to check a few days ago, very few people will go to see a week ago or even more for a long time, so we were punished are a week before, so there may be related to the malicious report, may be peers may also be many of our new concern "

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