The essence of network marketing for you inside

found the essence of network marketing

everyone on the network marketing awareness is different. Your experiences are different and the methods used are different. I think I am in the process of learning network marketing, or to understand the logic behind him, and then learn quickly. This logic can also be called essence. So what is the nature of network marketing?

The essence of

network marketing in the following two points

1, can attract enough people to pay attention to

2, to attract these people, targeted marketing, or you can understand. First set up a battalion of human resources, and then in a battalion of human resources for sale. Abbreviation marketing. Through the network method, called network marketing.

a, attract enough attention

if you can attract people’s attention is divided into two parts

Part 1: find out these things that attract the attention of many people,

1, to get enough attention to the event. For example, the team, star of the hit TV series, collection, and so on a series of attractive items can do the ball, or event. Then in about what they will get people’s attention, for example, now most of the fire, Li Yapeng and Faye Wong divorce, this is the fire for several days, almost everyone’s eye attracting them up. At this time, if you are an insider, the use of this event, and then effectively integrate their products into this thing, then you will get a very good effect


2, for example, now the fire two or three years of micro-blog, attracted enough attention, attracted enough attention, as you can see, many manufacturers, put themselves in the micro-blog of the start of the promotion, the effect of course is not very good. Here are some representative, Durex, Ariel, Coca-Cola and other large companies. The method is to attract a lot of eyeballs, a lot of attention to the products, services, and their products effectively combine to achieve their own purposes.

3, the same way, now WeChat is a product of a particular eye attention, the hot list every day, every day news are. As long as in our real life, can attract the attention of the event, we can combine it and our products, to achieve the purpose of promotion.

second part: to their products, how to mix with the hot events

1, soft Wen, is a product of their own, and the hot events of the case

I still remember in my article "understand" the policy about soft Wen wrote, this kind of fusion, there are two areas of concern, one is to do up to a higher level, and to a method. Is a sell stone examples, their products are in.

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