Lei Jun inheritance is not Jobs but the China nternet Corporation

Lei Jun, a nickname called "reebs in the industry". From Lei Jun in public, like Jobs wearing a black T-shirt, Rebs released the apple imitators acting, dongshixiaopin, the achievements of today’s millet.

but in Shenzhen IT Leadership Summit, Lei Jun accidentally revealed the secret: the founder of millet, inspired by the Internet Co’s stimulation and "forced", rather than Jobs. Here is a quote by

Lei Jun said:

1, I participated in the creation of the first company is Kingsoft, founded in 1988. The Internet is hot in China in 1999, we are the first generation of the Internet revolution;

2, the traditional enterprise price war, the Internet never play price war, because they come up on free;

3, the Internet itself is also used, why the software industry suffered so much blow? Later, I step by step understanding, the Internet is actually a new methodology.


story also presided over the situation from him about kingsoft. At that time, I ran the IT line in a financial newspaper, and Kingsoft Lei met frequently: at the time of the Kingsoft Corp, domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Several domestic anti-virus software company (Jiang Min, Kingsoft, rising price war), slobber war, legal battle, the international market suffered Microsoft and Norton pressure, Lei Jun is very depressed. With Lei Jun’s words, "before Microsoft, Microsoft, after piracy, barren."

at that time, Lei Jun did not use the traditional technique commonly used: China flicker media entrepreneur sloganeering and support domestic and national enterprises.

in order to deal with these public relations events, Jinshan almost every week to convene a press conference two or three. At that time, the media recession, most of the time free, then become Jinshan’s Queen run reporter.

in the "mess" in the Jinshan and Lei Jun, shuyujingerfengbuzhi, want to "low-key" and not. After the establishment of the company millet, Lei Jun said, millet has just been established in a year and a half, millet is extremely low-key, do not do any advertising, there is no PR."

This is not

Lei Jun millet and "low-key", but changed the mode of transmission. It is not difficult to find, then Lei micro-blog has never stopped. It has also become a low-cost marketing many Chinese many successful CEO.

Lei Jun in explaining his Internet methodology when there are two worth pondering: first, free. Free after the endless price war does not exist. Second, word of mouth. Absolutely can not say that there is no reputation jinshan. Just for the sake of reputation, paid a huge price (in addition to the Lei should go to the frequent press conference, media interviews, huge media advertising is not a small sum of money).

and at that time, Internet Co has come out of this nightmare, such as 360.

Lei Jun said the free mode, dare >

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