The beauty of the largest hacker theft arrest theft of 130 million credit card number

[Abstract] the hacker Gang stole 130 million user credit card information, resulting in more than $300 million in losses.


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biggest hacker theft arrested: theft of 130 million credit card number

Tencent Francisco June 28, 2012, America’s most wanted criminal network Vladimir · and his wife; Blackman hurried on a taxi and fled their stay Ringhotel Amsterdam. They were tipped off: the police are catching them. But an unmarked police cars blocked their path, the Russians were handcuffed handcuffs. He was arrested on charges of helping to plan the largest criminal activity in the history of the United states.

this week, after a lengthy extradition procedures, Holland court ruling Blackman will be sent to the United States for trial.

34 year old Blackman was accused of involvement in a series of major hacking activities: enter the electronic stock exchange, payment system stole 130 million credit card numbers from Hart LAN, involving 7-Eleven, Visa, Hannaford brothers chain supermarkets, Dow Jones, Jet Blue, network theft.

if convicted, Blackman could face up to 30 years in prison. He was accused of being a member of a criminal gang, according to U.S. prosecutors said the gang’s criminal activities caused more than $300 million in losses, resulting in numerous identity theft.

The case of

sponsored by the U.S. secret service, is one of the most important network crime in the history of litigation. Using clever means to hide the identity of these high value hackers, the police find their whereabouts, but most of them live in the countries of the former Soviet Union, would be almost impossible for their extradition to the United States for trial.

Deerinc Man in Amsterdam personal lawyer Bart · stapput (Bart Stapert) said the United States prosecutors failed to provide specific evidence that Deerinc Man was involved with these hacking activities. "It seems to me that this is a prosecution strategy, and in this case all the Russian hackers use this strategy," he said.

but American officials are convinced that they have caught the right man.

"we in the network crime has a 99.6% conviction rate," the secret service responsible for the criminal investigation department assistant special agent


Ali ·, Baranov (Ari Baranoff), said, we are not based on a single case of evidence, but a lot of evidence collected over the years. We spent a lot of time filing to make sure it was right."

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to the Ringhotel Amsterdam arrests, secret service for several years to prepare.


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