Gold loan lending funds event warning network security concerns

June 3rd a gold loan P2P net loan company to start the second mark, on-line a week after the official website has been shut down, Chen Jinlei is responsible for the lost contact with the outside world, the incident involving more than 80 investors, more than one million of funds.

with the continuous fermentation of gold loan incident, the police and the central bank have been involved in the industry’s reputation has been a huge blow. Reporters learned that some banks have asked the cooperation of P2P net loan company issued a risk assessment report, the bank is worried that if the company has a problem, will affect the bank." Zhou Shiping, general manager of Hongling Vc firms said. The industry believes that, after the gold rush event, the P2P network lending business and fund management loopholes in the growing concerns.

gold loan

June 5th, Mr. Kai learned just on the line for two days are held gold loan second mark day activities, recharge 10 thousand yuan of funds involved in the activities of the two.

according to the investor presentation, the so-called second standard is the gold loan company released a standard of 500 thousand yuan, 3888 yuan for each investment limit, investment after the company immediately pay the principal and interest, interest rate of 8.88%, while an additional bonus of 0.28%, a 500 thousand standard can be just a few minutes full mark.

6, Mr. Kai login backstage application for cash, but can not operate. Gold loan reply said that due to the site has just been established, there is a technical failure can not be present, and to ensure that second days cash. 7, 2009, the company can not mention the rest of the staff on behalf of the cash, and then a number of customers call the gold loan account custodian ring payment company. Ring news customer service, said it has received customer complaints, gold loan account has been frozen, as long as the problem is not resolved, the account will not thaw.

followed a dramatic scene. June 8th, investors learned from the ring, gold loans in the ring of the account funds have been fully managed. This triggered strong investor dissatisfaction.

According to

investors sent to reporters a gold loan company background information shown in the screenshot, gold loan is an innovative service platform of Hubei power Company limited by guarantee and force microfinance companies established. The Hubei Cheng Li Company limited by guarantee approved by the State Council in 2008 by the Ministry of finance, the State Economic and Trade Commission initiated the establishment, is now a member of State Development Investment Corp group. Investors also provide a gold loan business license was hanging out of the network information display, registered company Hubei chengli Company limited by guarantee, legal person is Cheng arrow.

in fact, after the second day of the gold rush on the line there are investors in accordance with the official website of the company’s business license to call Hubei Cheng Li Investment Company limited by guarantee, and Hubei Cheng denied that the company is a subsidiary of gold.

and ringson paid public relations told this newspaper that Lu Lan, gold loan account and provide the business license is Lanzhou network technology co.. In the gold loan business license submitted five cards, globalcom to credit system verified its qualification.

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