Panda TV response was investigated Wang Sicong platform will not be too Low

in April 14th, the Ministry of culture announced, YY, Betta, panda TV and many other online broadcast platform for allegedly containing obscene, violent, abetting crime and other contents of the Internet cultural products, were included in the list, and has been deployed relevant law enforcement agencies to investigate the companies involved, and when the results will be announced penalties.

caused by the house of representatives.

surging news learned from the panda TV, the above several live platform in the morning of 14 to participate in the Ministry of culture organized the forum of network culture management units".

for the decision of the Ministry of culture, panda TV related to the surging news said, "this will certainly impact on panda TV, but because our previous audit is very strict, so the impact is lower than other broadcast platform."

"we start on some relative positioning and vulgar content out of the platform is not the same, each platform users will form a certain user habits, if everyone is hoping to see the content came to the broadcast platform, then suddenly strengthen the audit, the user is easy to lose." These sources said.

the source also said, we all know that the panda TV is president Wang (Wang Sicong) to do, since the principal did, then certainly will not do Low (vulgar). Moreover, in addition to the government will be concerned about this piece, apple itself will be concerned about the content of the application, too, then the Low will be under the shelf."

China broadcast platform is currently in a competitive environment, high popularity of the anchor is vital to the live platform, often a live broadcast can bring millions of users.

, however, since the end of 2015, the major broadcast platform for the occurrence of excessive network indecent events, causing widespread controversy.

"broadcast industry, some people in the limelight of dragons and fishes jumbled together, there will be some excesses, but harm the interests of the industry." The panda TV said.

panda TV statement on the Ministry of Culture Forum:

of the Ministry of culture organized the "business unit network culture forum, received wide attention, panda TV also received a number of media inquiries. For the public and the media concerned about the issue, panda TV unified answer:

1, panda TV attitude: resolutely cooperate with government departments to jointly safeguard the healthy development of the live broadcast industry. We welcome the community and relevant government departments to report and supervision, once verified, will not hesitate. For the media companies concerned about the impact of the company’s business, panda TV has always adhere to strict audit standards, so the audit will not strengthen the company’s business and bring special effects.

2, the government’s management requirements, panda TV is responding to actual action, not limited to oral. Although the panda TV was born less than half a year, but decided to carry the enterprise social responsibility. April 15th, panda TV will hold a press conference to announce the public welfare strategy and for

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