Linkage of the world focus on the performance of cloud hosting SSD storage 1G only 142 yuan

with the advent of the cloud era, the emergence of the growing number of cloud products in life, especially the cloud is widely used in the host site. The cloud hosting technology has been basically mature, the cloud hosting providers have launched low-cost sales activities, the price war is fought like a raging fire, in the hope of staking will expand the field of market. But in the business price war was so fierce, the linkage of the world has always pursued the "sell themselves" principle, a normal market, focus on product development, in order to improve the performance and quality of cloud hosting.

so-called Kung Fu people, and finally in July 4th launched a grand SSD solid-state storage cloud host, the industry has become the host of cloud computing SSD SSD storage. And the linkage of the world ( in the industry price war and allow more users to experience the SSD SSD storage cloud hosting the benefits of setting a very affordable price, 1G high-end space only 142 yuan.

is reported that the linkage of the world in the cloud hosting technology, although the current leader in the industry, they are still in the future will focus on improving the performance and quality of cloud hosting, will always adhere to the product first". The following is a small series of SSD hard disk storage cloud host advantage of a little insight:

advantage: high-speed read and write – read and write to a hundred times faster than traditional mechanical hard disk, which makes the operation and operation of cloud hosting faster than the traditional cloud hosts more quickly, the user experience on the site will be higher.

two: more security – because of the use of the SSD SSD cloud host read and write speed, data storage time is shorter, the possibility of data security is lower, so it can effectively solve the data storage, upload, backup and security problems.

advantage three: low cost – 1G high-end space only $142, far below the market price of its positioning, allowing users to enjoy a better low-cost cloud hosting services.

based on the above three points, I believe can always keep calm in the industry, the linkage of the world products and services focused on the development of better will have a group of loyal customers, look forward to the growth of their


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