Wuhan 1 group purchase network emergent abnormal or collapse of the funds is the main cause of death

Wuhan buy class website is experiencing a sudden collapse of the tide, of which about 10% of the group buying network suddenly appeared abnormal or dead. Analysis of the industry, said the high cost of competition and the main reason for the collapse of the capital chain collapse, the collapse of the tide will continue, the industry will accelerate the reshuffle, the last or only a few oligarchs left.

small site failures mostly

prepaid card, but also did not come, even more difficult to accept is that the original large group purchase website has completely disappeared.

"they hang out on the card is 7% off, I was 19 in the evening to pay the money, they will not open the website for second days, the customer service phone is disconnected, the day before, talk about the lessons in group purchase lost nearly 1000 yuan, Wuhan netizen Chen Mao (a pseudonym) call regret. As Chen Mao was "European dragnet" deceive the group purchase of those few, according to its introduction, in a specially designed for the rights and the establishment of the QQ group had more than 200 users, "which most people are after the payment has not received the fuel card, the latest statistics is cheated amount close to 300 thousand yuan".

once the "European dragnet" instant rash and too much in haste "disappeared" is not the case, the sudden wave of closures in Wuhan group purchase industry spread. Yesterday (October 13th), "daily economic news" reporter saw in the independent group purchase navigation site mission 800 navigation page, currently opened in Wuhan group purchase site a total of 140, but 12 of these sites have shown abnormal state or has died, accounting for nearly 10%.

, in fact, the phenomenon of buying the site has been closed down, but the recent period of time was more obvious." "58 group purchase" WuHan Railway Station responsible Chen Fan said, "Wuhan in the first half of this year the entire industry is still very hot, only in the second half of the market suddenly face."

, according to him, so far, the main site of the collapse of Wuhan is still a small number of sites, some of the larger sites have also begun layoffs". There are institutional statistics show that China’s existing group buying site in the amount of 5000 or so, the number of websites have been closed down is 1027.

Internet industry law dictates

Yang Fan does not believe that the current "collapse" is a bad thing, but a "no way things". "A lot of websites to draw customers, on the website of foreign made a lot of beautiful, fascinating, but the company went to talk with the business, may not get the corresponding price, the company will put their own money to do."

Yang Fan also pointed out that most of the time, "group purchase website cooperation businesses are more inclined and well-known brands, resulting in vicious spiral, the general strength of the small group purchase site is not good to support businesses, to attract more consumers, this is a vicious spiral".

a small local group buying site in Wuhan

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