Monthly water 5 million or quarter water of 5 million micro business of the two options on

in an article on "2015 micro business reshuffle soon, WeChat long friends can play" in the circle? Miaozai mentioned, with the micro market norms, will become an indispensable branch of mobile providers, but part of the mask micro business has not play anymore, what is the reason for not going to play it? Have to mention the title of this article: 5 million quarter 5 million monthly water or water, two kinds of micro merchants.

is the first choice: 5 million monthly water, all in order to make money, even friends deserted, shielding.

is a derivative of the monthly water Mask team can do 5 million, for now the micro business is not surprising, which learned from a friend a few, quite large shipments, including a team of 5 million monthly or take the goods sales amount, we as can be imagined. A mask before the fire can achieve sales of 2 hundred million in the circle of friends, so that the team can do 5 million of the dozens is too underestimate the circle of friends, with more and more "home", the number and size of the team are also in the expansion.


team can do this, have to say this product mask tribute, a few products can be like a mask so high re purchase and high price, even if the price is high. (PS: rational point to turn around WAL-MART, Watsons, you will find that the public can accept the long-term use of mask product prices in the 10-20 yuan per piece, which is now the circle of friends mask product hundreds of 3, 40 or even more expensive, but in order to make money, spend the money to invest, the goods will go out the. However, no one can deny that those who insist on doing in a tough environment, a group of people, their income is now able to support the original look high consumption. Bluntly said: life is a qualitative leap.


but since the choice of the monthly water 5 million fast money route, we have to face these inevitable problems.


first derivative can make money fast route is that the agent + add friends from scraper, new friends in the transformation to do home agent, the goods sent home to make the difference, how to teach the home add + scraper, continue to transform and want to do home agent delivery, make the difference. This mode of transmission speed is very fast, even is the blossom everywhere, but when 10 and 9 are micro business, how to continue to expand


products are home to many of the marketing knowledge, and many are themselves filling out three products, only know to do this to make money fast, follow the line, once the agency found when no agent can move, must stop the goods, a section of a forced over, the monthly water 5 million the number must be quickly started shuffling bubble. Money is not willing to accept the hand does not do not earn money, scold scold a circle of friends, micro business is to sell Jiehen, so there is a child in the article said.

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