have no intention to attack the webmaster please accept my apologies

today, I received a recent online use of the ID liuzhi3721". Casual look, some people criticize me on the internet. Carefully read the whole article, I found that I really have no intention to attack a lot of grassroots webmaster. Here I deeply apologize to the station that I have no intention to attack, saying, "I am sorry, please forgive my careless attack".

why I said I was a "no attack"? I am also a web site, run in two large sites, also a few small websites of the. Personally planned to promote the program, in the promotion of the program, of course, there are soft speculation. But our soft Wen is only for our target user group. Will not do some useless traffic. In particular, it is not like the station to do such a place to do. In the station such a place that can’t get a great promotion effect. Feel some really is unrealistic, empty soft made some evaluation. Of course, my comments may be too straight, please accept my apology again: "I’m sorry".

here is the whole article I found

often read about the webmaster experience and success stories, there are many soft Wen promotion website, there is a small webmaster do send a soft Wen promotion of the station, no ground for blame was scolded, also can.

here I want to say is not the author of the text, if written text over AD, nor by the compilation of trust, that can pass, let everyone see, of course, has scolded a encouragement, but in the webmaster information platform to see more articles, see the ID "liuzhi3721" is almost a comment is to belittle others, don’t you register this ID is specially used to attack others, the others denied, I am also a little webmaster, did not succeed, but still keep standing, I understand the respect of others, can also get some new ideas from the idea creative. Did not want to say to you, you can see all the time as long as you comment is to belittle others, scold comments even, even the post to scold, with you what how small owners had grudges, even if there is resentment, nor with each small webmaster have, if with each some small webmaster, that is your own problem. (here you are recommended to learn the language and then come over to evaluate)

this is your post:

The title of the

is called "the final report to our grassroots webmaster"

post address is here /article/20071229/66956.shtml

this is one of your pride:

didn’t want to write this article, I don’t know why I was anxious to see some great anger, bad things like mad,

is recently at home with wife Biao take too much, want to vent yourself. This is not to see the "delicacy website do stand experience" < >

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