Chen Kun WeChat traced the closing 7 million Sina or follow the Tencent pay value added services

yesterday WeChat team did not disclose the number of fans and the number of paid members Chen Kun

last week, a "Chen Kun easy income million, WeChat won gold star" message is crazy forwarded in the WeChat circle of friends, which means that Chen Kun pioneered the star of WeChat, began to pay membership. Chen Kun, WeChat marketing, one day received 7 million yuan, attracted a lot of people from the media and fans exclaimed: "circle money too hard!"

star WeChat selling idol derivatives make money

in WeChat search service, Chen Kun will find that the "micro world" has been quite rich, as long as to become a member, you can see Chen Kun’s portrait, books, music, and members have a clear classification, suitable for different grades of fans. For example, members can not only read the "walking" series of books, Chen Kun’s private music, see Chen Kun’s private photos, but also provide Chen Kun said "voice of good morning, good night". Members can also participate in discussions in the discussion area, and may even be able to get the opportunity to communicate with the idol voice or close.

, however, the premise of all this is to pay membership fees. In accordance with the price, the fans can pay 18 yuan to become a member of the Chen Kun WeChat platform monthly, $168 can become an annual member. Some calculations, Chen Kunyue has 1 million fans, as long as there are more than 10% hardcore fans to pay, you can get at least $16 million 800 thousand, while Chen Kun has also been not completely subject to the brokerage company’s self media". Yesterday, some people broke the news that Chen Kun’s WeChat platform, received 7 million yuan a day.

this magical suction gold law is more than these, he is expected to make more money later. With the WeChat platform, Chen Kun’s new book is very easy to pack together with the members sold. In addition to books, the star can also be sold through WeChat platform, T-Shirts, souvenirs and other idol derivatives, earning extra money for the Performing Arts career.

fans will pay for breakfast service?

reporter yesterday interviewed some experts and people from the media, they believe that Chen Kun is the star characters, the company hired professional development team to develop the WeChat platform, is not an ordinary person can compare. And many people in the industry believe that easy money is not so easy thing.

said that this algorithm has a little retarded, 1 million fans have reached 10% conversion rate of pay? Fans willing to spend a month to eat breakfast money to pay for this? Become a fan, what can get valuable service? If the service does not match the value or the first statement and. Fans, can not refund claim for


also said that this does not mean that the stars can use these platforms to talk directly with their fans. Chen Kun want to do so, not afraid of all the brokerage companies and the circle of the boss to ban these may also be out of the entertainment company to charge a new way, it is unlikely that all individuals.

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