English 46 customers were bombarded users suspected of fraud information

The left side of the

page is a subsystem, the right is the online ad.

query is completed, the left side of the page shows the results, the right to show a few "classmates" message, if you click, you will be asked to register, and finally waiting for you will be online advertising.

you participated in the four, grade six examinations, the National College English Test Band Four, (CET) committee told you that there is a website can be free to check scores. Then you went to the site and found that one side is to check the page, while online advertising. You want to check points, the page prompts you to install a control. You install the control, enter the ticket number and verification code, there is a 30 second waiting page, the page prompts you want to put your QQ number into the good to register the site.

30 seconds later, you finally found the score. Then appeared a few pages to your classmates on behalf of the information you want to see the students open wrote what message results need to register to see, you easily registered, but found no what message is actually an online advertising……

from February 24th 9 in the morning to two or three days results announced, many CET candidates have experienced above check points, some candidates questioned the Internet posting, "people’s Daily" yesterday also reported the incident investigation.

the day before yesterday, at 9 am on February 24th, the National College English test scores of four, six officially released. Subsequently, a lot of Posts appear on the Internet questioned the way to check points and check the website 99 quarters". The website provides free check points, but the mandatory installation of control, forced to wait 30 seconds before the appearance, during which you can see is that online advertising and fraudulent use of the name of the information sent to you your classmates.

yesterday, "people’s Daily" published an article "the interests of students below commercial behavior? ", reported the candidates questioned the way to check points, the relevant departments rejected the people’s Daily reporter interviewed.

reporter learned that 99 dormitory for college students is an interactive entertainment operator, it holds the education network platform resources, in cooperation with the network game makers, such as audition online games into the campus network. This flagship online game platform for more than a year, the company also offers 46 online exam service.

yesterday afternoon, 99 dormitory site staff interview with this reporter said the mandatory installation of control is to network security, waiting time is 30 seconds for the server buffer, as to why alongside online advertising is not disclosed.

half of the online advertising

In fact, CET official website has a query on the results of the

, but after the point is automatically transferred to a called 99 quarters of the site, CET official website does not provide their own points.

There are two main ways of

‘s score inquiry: one is "free online check points", that is, "the 99 dormitory" website

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