What search hukouduoshi BAT domain fully detonated war

Before the

this year, UC Mobile launched jointly with the Alibaba "what" mobile search, directly to the blade pointing to the "overlord" battle for Baidu, fully detonated mobile search engine. Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other competitors in the mobile Internet market will be more intense, the fight between the domain name also set off a storm without leaving a dead end.

"What is the"

UC released a new mobile search brand, according to the UC as chairman and chief executive officer Yu Yongfu introduced, named "what" is a discussion from the table: "what is mobile search? A student said," what is mobile search." Finally decided to use the name.

What 2 letter domain name sm.cn

search enabled, is one of the reserved domain was CNNIC the lifting of the ban, the "China special 284 thousand yuan to the end of the auction auction, the average sm.cn IP (Zhou Pingjun) was 225000, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) was 225000, the overall flow showed a significant upward trend. Yu Yongfu said,.COM domain name sm.com belong to a group of investment can not be sold, the company for the acquisition of search.com and other domain names to make efforts, but was eventually won by others.

the world’s largest third party browser UC, has more than 500 million users worldwide, 100 million daily active users, the future Ali business will also work with what the search depth of integration, what search will break out? But the recent UC browser released "on the UC browser and search what is Baidu" mishandling "statement", said Baidu is suspected of using improper means of competition, to combat, what started with Baidu mobile search first battle.

PC Chinese Baidu in the search field champion, also has an absolute advantage in the field of mobile search, Baidu UC browser is a major source of peripheral flow into the. "What" part of the introduction of mobile search traffic to seize Baidu’s face suddenly popped what search, Baidu cannot let down.

at the same time, Sogou and soso first earnings report after the merger of Tencent released in the days before the first quarter revenue of $70 million, including $64 million from the search, another $6 million from the navigation and games." Tencent Sogou to bring the entrance of the resources, making the advantage of the mobile terminal Sogou also began to appear. Sogou replaced soso since last year from November 14th onwards, the Tencent to take full control of the site search, the domain name sogou.com was entrusted with the task, and the search domain soso.com accelerated the death of


UC and Alibaba jointly launched the "what" mobile search, the biggest rival is not Baidu or Sogou, but the user behavior, assuming that mobile users began to abandon the Internet behavior, even if the "what" won the Baidu mobile search, what is the meaning of


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